Rosemary Rhiannon Bishop

Førsteamanuensis i paleobotanikk

ARKEOLOGISK MUSEUM, Universitetet i Stavanger
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I am an archaeobotanist and environmental archaeologist, and my research focuses on the archaeology of Scotland, North-West Europe and the North Atlantic islands. I am particularly interested in hunter-gatherer plant use, the changing nature of people-plant interactions during the transition from hunter-gathering to agriculture, and changing agricultural practices in relation to climate, environmental and social change.

I analyse archaeobotanical remains from the museum’s excavations, which date from the Mesolithic to the Medieval period, and research hunter-gatherers and early farmers in Scotland, Norway and the wider North-West European/North Atlantic region. In 2024 I will lead a research project at the Centre for Advanced Study in Oslo which will examine the resilience of prehistoric farmers to climate deterioration in early prehistory. I co-lead the FRONTIERS network at the University of Stavanger (with Dr Daniel Fredh, University of Stavanger) (

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Research Interests

  • Archaeobotany: continuity and change in crop production, land use, wild plant gathering, use of fuels and human-environment interactions

  • Mesolithic and Neolithic archaeology: hunter-gatherer and early farmer economies, hunter-gatherer plant use, changing agricultural practices, speed and nature of the transition to agriculture, adaptations to challenging environments and climate change

  • Archaeobotanical taphonomy and experimental archaeology

  • Role, potential and issues with the use of archaeological data to inform current and future responses to climate/environmental change