5000 new students welcomed to UiS!

Filled with excitement and big expectations thousands of new students flocked to the university campus on Ullandhaug Monday, 15 August.

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Tre jenter i fadderteltet holder rundt hverandre

Students Elvira Stendahl, Rebekka Fremstad and Una Sparre Bakke are looking forward to meeting fellow students and making new friends. Photo: Siri J. Pedersen

Artisten Beharie med gitar på scenen

Beharie played at the semester opening ceremony

Rektor Klaus Mohn med rektorkjede står på scenen og taler

Rector Klaus Mohn

Kvinnelige sangere i mørkerøde kjoler står på rekke og synger

Stavanger Student Singers

Tore Renberg i hvit jakke knytter neven mens han snakker

Autoir Tore Renberg gave the main speech

StOr-leder Sara Beitz i samtale med Tore Renberg på scenen

StOr-leader Sara Beitz talked about student life

Varaordfører Dag Mossige i hvit dress med ordførerkjede holder tale til studentene

Deputy Mayor Dag Mossige welcomed the students to Stavanger

Prisvinner Marie Smith-Solbakken i grå kjole med blomster takker for pris. I bakgrunnen leder av Universitetsfondet, Cecilie Claviez som holder stort innrammet diplom, og lengst bak konferansier Tore Renberg.

Professor Marie Smith-Solbakken received the University Fund’s Presentation and Community Involvement Award

Fadderleder Alva Eide i mangefarget kjole smiler og holder tale på rim

President of the Fadderfestival Alva Eide

Scene fylt med studenter som skyter konfetti ut over publikum.

The enrollment week festival Fadderfestivalen 2022 is open!

This autumn UiS welcomes 5000 new students, among them around 600 international students. The first morning in the new academic year all new students were invited to free breakfast. Afterwards, students, employees, and guests filled the big tent at the Fadderfestival area, where soul artist Beharie kicked off the official semester opening ceremony.

The fire of curiosity

Author Tore Renberg was master of ceremony and main speaker. He emphasized the importance of the hungry mind and urged the the students to keep the flame of curiosity alive.

– If we let the flame of curiosity die out, our civilized society will collapse and nothing can stop ignorance and false claims, Renberg said.

Don’t be silent

In his opening speech, rector Klaus Mohn encouraged the students to get involved and express their opinions.

– You are welcome to let yourself be carried away, especially now during the Fadder festival. But for goodness’ sake don't get carried away too much! Stop if necessary. Feel free to be contrary. Stand your ground. Show yourself. Speak out, and don't be silent!

Rector Klaus Mohn's speech for students

Welcome to Stavanger

Deputy mayor Dag Mossige welcomed the students to the city of Stavanger, a city where openness and diversity are highly valued, and a city of culture and knowledge, surrounded by stunning nature.

– I was once a student studying far from home and am familiar with the expectations and excitement about being in an entirely new location. The best advice I can offer you is to choose to participate in the community around you, deputy mayor Mossige said.

– During your studies, seize every opportunity you can. Explore the unknown. Be curious. Ask critical questions and engage in various arenas. As we like to say here in Stavanger: enjoy yourselves and dare to take chances!

Opening speech by the Deputy Mayor Dag Mossige

Be part of a supportive student community

Leader of the Student organisation (StOr) Sara Beitz hopes everyone will engage and contribute to a supportive student community at UiS.

– At UiS we have more than 70 student associations and societies. Get involved, you will gain a lot, Beitz said to her fellow students.

Award and Festival

During the semester opening ceremony, Professor Marie Smith-Solbakken received the University Fund’s Presentation and Community Involvement Award for her work with Norwegian oil history, in particular for presenting new insights into the Kielland North-Sea oil platform disaster. President for the enrollment week festival Alva Eide declared the Fadderfestivalen 2022 open, and the ceremony ended with a mini concert with Beharie and band, joined by the Stavanger Student Singers.

Photos: Elisabeth Tønnessen