– The program is top-notch, prestigious, challenging, engaging, and world-class

Hesam Salehi has a master's degree in business administration with a specialisation in strategic marketing and analytics from UiS Business School.

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Hesam Salehi

Study program: MSc in Business Administration, 2019-2021, from UiS Business School

Specialisation: Stategic Marketing and Analytics (note: the marketing specialisation is now a part of the major in Management)

Current job: Data science consultant at Accenture Norway

Note: the specialisation in strategic marketing and analytics is now a part of the major in Management.

Hesam Salehi comes from Iran, where he holds two bachelor's degrees: One in Chemical Engineering and one in Business Management. Before coming to Norway, he also worked as an entrepreneur, business developer, consultant, and data analyst.

He began his studies at the University of Stavanger and UiS Business School in 2019 and chose the MSc in Business Administration with a specialisation in strategic marketing and analytics. In 2022 he started working at his current job as a data science consultant at Accenture Norway.

What made you choose UiS and your degree at UiS Business School?

I was familiar with several faculty members and their exceptional contributions to the literature I intended to study. Despite appearing as a regular university in a small city in Europe at first glance, the quality of its faculty members gives it significant weight. And it truly is an outstanding learning- and working environment. Additionally, numerous student communities and organisations provide opportunities for social activities and involvement.

What is your impression of the overall educational quality at UiS and the Business School?

UiS is dedicated to giving its students a comprehensive education that equips them for future careers. The professors are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their subjects, making learning enjoyable and interactive. The university offers diverse courses catering to various students' needs and interests. I can see a strong connection between my studies at UiS and my current career. Completing these top-notch courses helped me succeed in both job-searching and carrying out projects.

How was the faculty-student interaction?

My relationship with the faculty was positive and productive due to open, transparent, and regular communication. They were accessible and approachable, answering questions and providing guidance and support. They respected the student's opinions and perspectives, encouraging active participation in class discussions to enhance the learning experience.

Have you had any experience working with businesses as a part of your education?

In the third semester, I took an internship course, and the UiS Business School assisted me in finding a suitable company. I interned at a coworking space and innovation facilitation firm that provided financial support to startups and innovative ideas through government and private investments. My project was to assess the customer satisfaction level by collecting and analyzing primary data.

I found positive communication between the UiS Business School and the company, and my faculty supervisor provided extensive support for conducting the project. This was my first work experience in Norway. It taught me about the work culture, the connection between education and industry, and how to apply my scientific knowledge to industrial projects.

What was the most interesting research you conducted throughout your master's studies?

The most exciting research for me was my thesis, supervised by associate professor Elham Ghazimatin. Using a real dataset, I analyzed the collaborative innovation in a set of production companies to identify significant indicators and provide valuable insights for future activities. It was a challenging task to work with the data and identify relevant and meaningful indicators. With the guidance of my supervisor, I gained valuable experience in data analysis, analytics, visualization, and finding efficient methodologies for each research. The skills I developed through this project have been incredibly helpful in solving case study problems in my current career.

How would you describe UiS and your study program?

Considering factors such as faculty quality, expertise, curriculum, student support services, and inclusivity, I would describe the Strategic Marketing and Analytics master's program as top-notch, prestigious, challenging, engaging, and world-class.

Did you have any concerns coming to Norway?

I was thrilled to move to Norway and experience a new culture and lifestyle. Initially, I was worried about fitting in with the new culture, but I was pleasantly surprised by the inclusive atmosphere at the Business School. The students, staff, and faculty members were all very respectful and kind. The prevalent flat culture throughout Norway was especially evident at the Business School. The professors were always approachable and welcoming to the discussion. The environment was psychologically safe, allowing me to express my ideas and provide constructive criticism without fear freely.

What are your thoughts about Stavanger city?

I am happy with my decision to reside in Stavanger. It boasts a rich history, stunning landscapes, and an energetic cultural atmosphere. I highly recommend visiting the iconic Pulpit Rock, a well-known tourist spot. Stavanger offers a unique combination of urban life and natural beauty, attracting locals and tourists alike. The city is very international-friendly, and its residents are fluent in English. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to participate in. With numerous training facilities, one can experience a wide range of sports. Additionally, the city is bike-friendly, making it easy for even young children to cycle anywhere they wish safely.

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