Innovation Seminar Series: Crafting 'Responsible AI'

Tuesday 25 April 2023 13:15-14:15,
Elise Ottesen-Jensens Hus,
EOJ 276/277, Zoom.

How the governance of artificial intelligence is practised in organisations

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Portrettbilde av dr. Barbara Ribeiro
Associate Professor, Dr. Barbara Ribeiro

Welcome to our innovation seminar where Dr. Barbara Ribeiro from SKEMA Business School in Paris will present the topic: Crafting 'Responsible AI': How the governance of artificial intelligence is practised in organisations


Artificial intelligence (AI) is today poised as the latest technology to largely disrupt society and organisations across the globe. Given its potential to deeply change our everyday lives and the way organisations function, AI has enjoyed a wave of criticism and messages of precaution within and outside academia. At the same time, AI is framed as being a fundamental tool to secure the future of our economies. Expectations of AI as a general-purpose, transformative technology have taken the centre stage in innovation and industrial policies in Europe, North America and Asia in the past few years, with AI applications introduced to solve challenges in healthcare, manufacturing, financial services and marketing. Parallel to scholarly engagements with the topic, governments and firms have been acting fast, concentrating their efforts on launching a global campaign for ‘responsible AI’, including several instruments such as AI strategies and firm-led self-governance approaches. A burgeoning academic literature has accompanied these efforts, contributing definitions, conceptual operationalisations and frameworks to inform the development of responsible – also often called ethical – AI. This paper interrogates how responsible AI is being practised at the organisational level. More specifically, I ask how efforts towards responsible AI are being organised within firms; what kinds of resources are being developed and mobilised; and how are different actors collaborating in this landscape. By addressing these questions, this study seeks to reflect on the implications for management practice of a recent push for promoting forms of responsible AI. At the same time, it seeks to theorise responsible AI as everyday practice in organisational settings.


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