Learning Environment Committee meeting 21.09.2022

Wednesday 21 September 2022 12:00-15:00,
AR T-401 (Styrerom).

This date is a meeting day both for the Learning Environment Committee and the Education Committee.

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It is the Education Committee and the Learning Environment Committee that together make up the university's central committee for quality in the education programmes. The two committees have common meeting days where both committee-specific matters and joint matters are dealt with. The meeting days for the committee meetings for the calendar year 2022 were set out in committee matter LU 11/21 (the committee's meeting plan for 2022).

The meetings of the two committees overlap, so that common matters are handled by both committees simultaneously. The meetings is conducted as hybrid meetings, where attendance in the boardroom is combined with online participation for those who are unable to participate physically.

The joint meeting day of the committees starts with a meeting part where only members of the Education Committee participates. In this meeting section, the Education Committee deals with its committee-specific matters (referred to as UU matters). Then follows a meeting section where both committees participate and where the committees deal with common matters (KU matters). The meeting day ends with a meeting part where only members of the Learning Environment Committee participates. In this section, the Learning Environment Committee deals with its committee-specific matters (LU matters).

Read more about the Learning Environment Committee on the committee's page at uis.no. The Learning Environment Committee's meetings and matters are published on the Learning Environment Committee's page on OpenGov (in Norwegian only).