Application deadline - Exchange spring 2024

Friday 1 September 2023 23:59-23:59,
Søknadsweb (Application portal).

You can apply between 1 August and 1 September and change your application up until the application deadline.

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Please familiarize yourself with where and when you can go on an exchange in your study programme and the application process.

Your exchange opportunities

Find information about exchange opportunities in your study programme by using our exchange map.

You must check whether you can find relevant courses at the institutions you are interested in before you apply. Please note that not all institutions recommended in your study programme are relevant for your specialization. Which institutions are relevant for you may also depend on whether you must take certain courses or can take elective courses during your exchange.

Contact your study advisor if you have any doubts, have questions, or need guidance.

How to apply

Application process and deadlines.

You can contact the International Office through the Exchange guide in the Digital Student Service Desk if you have questions.

Meetings about Outbound Exchange

The meetings are held by the International Office. Welcome!