Faculty of Performing Arts

at the University of Stavanger



Concerts and performances

Over 200 per year


Approx. 90

Visitors adress

Campus Bjergsted Bjergsted 1 4007 Stavanger

PhD candidates



Phone: 51 83 40 00

Email: bjergsted@uis.no


Application for admission to the academic year 2023/2024 will be open from 1 November. Read more about our study programme.

For students at Faculty of Performing Arts

For students at Faculty of Performing Arts


On 14 December 2019, the University of Stavanger and the Faculty of Performing Arts invited to their annual Christmas concert in St. Petri Church.


Opening ceremony on Campus Bjergsted

Tue. 13.08.2024



Tradition and Innovation in Performing Arts

Fakultet for utøvende kunstfag, campus Bjergsted

Tradition and innovation in performing Arts as an institution, our highest goal is for the students to advance as practitioners while reaching a high level of performance with a reflected attitude to tradition and innovation.

For students in performing arts, stage experience is one of the most important and developing practices to attain. We arrange up to 200 concerts and performances during the academic year. The students at the faculty participate in workshops, masterclasses, and interdisciplinary stage productions, both in the Stavanger region and on tour.
Our faculty is beautifully located in Bjergsted Cultural Park, with immediate proximity to Stavanger Concert Hall, Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, and several other actors from the professional and voluntary music and cultural life.


Telephone: + 47 51 83 40 00 
E-mail: bjergsted@uis.no

Visitors address:
Bjergsted 1

Opening hours in the administration:
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:
10:00-11:30 and 12:00-14:00.
Closed in lunch hours: 11.30–12.00.
Tuesday and Thursday: closed.

Postal address: 
University of Stavanger 
Faculty of Performing Arts 
4036 Stavanger 

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Studies and Artistic Research


Concerts and Performances

Employees and students at the Faculty of Performing Arts host up to 200 concerts and performances per year. Here is an o...

Cecilia inspires youth in Bolivia to make music

My summer job: The flute student works voluntary with arranging seminars in her home country during the summers

Winners of the Chamber Music Competition 2023

Two ensembles won the 25 000 NOK from Skjeies chambermusic scholarship.

– I wanted to expand my knowledge, competence and network in music production

Frida studied music production and recording, and is now running and administrating a sound studio

Priscila got to work with high-level musicians and performers

Music production and recording was an opportunity to increase their experiences in the field