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Resources for early childhood education

FILIORUM - Centre for Research in Early Education and Care is in the process of developing a collection of digital resources for use in ECEC-based competence development.The resources will be free, available to everyone, and new resources will be added on an ongoing basis.

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Information about the resources

The goal of the Resource Bank is to disseminate research results in the form of resources for use in ECEC-based competence development.

The resources is meant to be used as a tool for employees in ECEC institutions, for example at staff meetings, parent meetings, or with children.

With the Resource Bank, we wish to contribute to new knowledge being known and applied in the field of practice.

-The resources are built on specific research publications, and are based on results from this research.

- The research in FILIORUM represents different fields of study and different methodological approaches. As a result, som of the resources are more theoretical, while others are more practical in nature.

- The Resource Bank aims to show the range of research and researchers in FILIORUM. As a result, the range in content and the way the resources are presented will also be varied.

- We recommend each ECEC institution to pick and choosse the resources that are useful and relevant to them.

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