Researcher Breakfast: Care in the Anthropocene

Thursday 2 November 2023 09:00-10:00,
University Library, Campus Ullandhaug.

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We welcome Ingvil Hellstrand to talk more about her current research project, Caring Futures

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In this project, they explore what is at stake for traditional, human-centred care ethics under new technological regimes.  

Coming from the interdisciplinary field of the feminist post humanities, Hellstrand is interested in what she sees as a renewed attention to questions of care in the Anthropocene, where the climate crisis impacts on all life, and the notion of human supremacy is criticised as a patriarchal, colonial, able-ist and speciesist construct. As such, the very concept of the Anthropocene requires reflection and revisiting of how we conceptualise being human and human society, including our relations and ethics.  

In this talk, Hellstrand suggests rethinking care from what is often conceptualised as a two-way relation to messy, unpredictable interdependencies. She draws on feminist care ethics, that foregrounds vulnerability as an intrinsic part of being human and uses examples from contemporary science fiction that attempt to overturn the narrative about what it means to be in need of care: from being reserved the "needy" to making it part of everyday life and its many unruly relations and practices.   

Ingvil Hellstrand is associate professor in gender studies at the Department for Caring and Ethics, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Stavanger, Norway (UiS). Her research interests are storytelling practices and knowledge production, science fiction and the posthuman. She is currently involved in the interdisciplinary research project Caring Futures: Developing Care Ethics for Technology-Mediated Care Practices as lead of the work package Imaginaries of care robots and other technobodies, bringing together science fiction as method, technologies of care, and posthuman ethics. Ingvil is a member of The posthumanities hub, and a founding member of The Monster Network.

Breakfast will be served. 

Language: English.


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