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Work packages – PAN-FIGHT

The project consists of five separate, but interconnected work packages (WPs).

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WP 1: Comparing Governmental / Public Health Authorities’ Risk communication strategies

WP 2: Comparing compliance

WP 3: Gendered dimensions of pandemic risk communication

WP 4: Comparative study and recommendations

  • Leader: Professor Siri Wiig, University of Stavanger
  • Mentors: Professor Ortwin Renn (Dialogik) and Adjunct Associate Professor Jacob Kringen (Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection)
  • Team: Post-doctoral Research Fellow Olena Koval (University of Stavanger), Post-doctoral Research Fellow Claudia Morsut (University of Stavanger) and Professor Ole Andreas Engen (University of Stavanger)

WP 5: Management, communication and dissemination

  • Leader: Associate Professor Kristin S. Scharffscher, University of Stavanger
  • Mentor: Professor Ann Bostrom (University of Washington)
  • Team: All researchers, post-doctoral research fellows and international collaborating scientists

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