Finances during your exchange

As an exchange student, you can apply for additional support and grants

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Please familiarize yourself with the cost of living in the country you are going to. Keep in mind that there may be significant variations between different cities within the same country, so it's essential to research typical living costs for students, such as accommodation, groceries, transportation, and activities. These are costs you will incur in addition to travel expenses and any potential tuition fees at the host institution.

Tuition fees

All students going on exchange must pay the semester fee at UiS and may be asked to pay an administration fee at the host institution.

Students going on exchange through Erasmus+ do not pay tuition fees to the host institution. Please note that institutions outside Europe usually require tuition fees, especially in USA and Australia. If you are eligible for financial support from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen), you may apply for additional support for tuition fees.

International students paying tuition fees at UiS must still pay this fee during the exchange period and are not exempt from any tuition fees at the host institution.

Financial support from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen)

Lånekassen provides support for students taking part of their studies abroad. Please note that support from Lånekassen is not available to all students from outside of Norway and that you must check whether you are eligible.

  • Basic support (as usual)
  • Travel grant (depending on the destination)
  • Tuition fee support (if applicable)
  • Support for preparatory language courses (under certain conditions)

Check how much you can receive in loans and grants on Lånekassen's website. There you will also find information about conditions and application deadlines, as well as information that exchanges in certain countries make you eligible for additional grants.

When can you apply to Lånekassen?

You can apply for support for partial studies abroad once you have received:

  • Pre-approval of your studies abroad
  • Confirmed admission from the host institution

Grants for exchange within the EU through Erasmus+

All students going on exchange to an institution UiS has an Erasmus+ agreement with can receive an Erasmus grant. The allocation is automatic but requires students to submit necessary documentation within given deadlines.

This grant is in addition to any support from Lånekassen.

The International Office provides necessary information to eligible students.

Please visit the Erasmus+ website for information on grant rates, deadlines, and payment dates.

Grants for exchange through Nordplus

Students not covered by Erasmus+ grants may be eligible for a scholarship through the Nordplus program. Please note that you cannot receive grants from multiple programs simultaneously.

This grant is in addition to any support from Lånekassen.

The International Office provides necessary information to eligible students.

More information will be provided soon.


The Faculty of Science and Technology at UiS is part of the university network UArctic. North2north is UArctic's student exchange program and applies only to students at this faculty.

This program gives students an opportunity to study in the Arctic regions. If you choose to go on exchange through north2north, you may be eligible for both a grant and possibly a waiver of tuition fees. Please note that grants are prioritized for exchanges outside the EU.

Please visit the north2north website for more information on destinations, application deadlines, and grant rates (link will be provided soon).

Other grant opportunities

There may be grant programs for students going on exchange to certain countries. The Association of Norwegian Students Abroad (ANSA) has compiled information about various grant opportunities on their website. Please note that their websites are mainly in Norwegian.

We recommend checking if you find anything relevant for you.