For those planning to go on exchange with Erasmus+

Here, we have gathered important information for those who are going on exchange next semester.

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Before your exchange

Complete these documents to receive the Erasmus+ grant

Online Learning Agreement (OLA)

Students going on exchange with Erasmus+ must have an approved learning agreement with the host institution, which outlines the courses you will take. Remember that all the courses you include in the learning agreement must be pre-approved by your faculty/department at UiS. The learning agreement must be signed by you and your student advisor at UiS within the specified deadline to receive the Erasmus+ grant.

Learn more about how to fill out the learning agreement for studies or internships.

A complete learning agreement (signed by you, UiS, and the host institution) is a requirement to retain the Erasmus+ grant after your exchange. It is your responsibility to ensure that the agreement is signed by all three parties.

If the agreement is not complete by the final document submission deadline after your stay, you will be required to repay the entire grant amount.

Grant Agreement

You will receive an email with a link to the Grant Agreement before the start of the semester. Fill it out and sign it digitally.

Learn more about how to complete the Grant Agreement.

The main grant amount is calculated based on the dates you provide in the agreement. The total grant amount is adjusted after the host institution confirms the actual dates.

Be sure to read the contract carefully and understand the consequences of non-compliance. If you terminate your stay without valid reason before 60 days, you must reimburse the entire grant amount. The same applies if you do not submit the necessary documentation within the specified deadlines after your stay.

Learn more about disbursement and deadlines for Erasmus+ grants.

Green travel

If you plan to travel in an environmentally friendly way, you can receive additional grant funding. You must select this option in the Grant Agreement.

Learn more about Erasmus+ grants for environmentally friendly travel.

In addition to Erasmus+ grants for green travel, UiS offers its own environmental grant for students going on exchange.

Learn more about UiS’s environmental grant.

After your exchange

Submit these documents to keep the Erasmus+ grant

Confirmation of Erasmus+ Exchange Period

The final Erasmus+ grant is calculated based on the number of days you are physically present at the host institution for studies or internships. Therefore, we need confirmation that shows the exact start and end dates of your stay.

Download the document: Confirmation of Erasmus+ Exchange Period (PDF).

Have the document completed and signed by your contact person at the host institution near the end of your exchange period. Remember to upload the signed document in the Exchange Guide.

Read more about the Confirmation of Erasmus+ Exchange Period.

Participant report from Erasmus+

All Erasmus+ students must submit a report issued by Erasmus+ after their stay. You will receive an automatic email with a link to a final report (Participant report) via Erasmus+'s Beneficiary Module.

Complete and submit the report digitally. Remember to check your spam folder for email notifications.

Declaration of Honour (for green travels only)

This only applies if you have ticked the box for “green travel” in the grant agreement.

Learn more about grants for environmentally friendly travel and fill out the Declaration of Honour form.

Erasmus+ Events

Here, you can read more about your rights and obligations as an Erasmus+ student, download the Erasmus+ app, or join the Erasmus Student Network (ESN):