Inbound exchange to Faculty of Performing Arts, Bjergsted campus

Do you want to come to Stavanger and the Faculty of Performing Arts? We offer exchange programs for Bachelor and Master in Music performance, jazz and classical music, Bachelor in Dance performance and One year extension studies ("post-bachelor") in Music Production and Recording.

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Welcome to Campus Bjergsted close to the City centre

Deadline for application to The Faculty of Performing Arts:
Fall semester ( and academic year):
Nomination web opens 1st of March
Deadline for apply:1st of April

Spring semester:
Nomination web opens at 1st of September
Deadline for apply: 1st of October

We don`t use Mobility Online!

Exchange Bachelor and Master in Performing Music

Read more about the exchange program

Students at Vigdel beach, Studenter på Vigdelstranden

Classical and Jazz Bachelor and Master

A music student will be assessed by the audition link material in the application.
The student is most likely offered the subject: International semester (30 study points ECTS), and the content in her/his exchange semester will be described in a more detailed plan after her/his arrival in Stavanger.
Classical student is usually offered: main instrument lessons, accompaniment, chamber music, and various opportunities to engage in performing projects and concerts. On Master level theory lectures are given in English, and can be part of a Learning Agreement, (preferably autumn semester).
A jazz student will be offered main instrument lessons , ensemble training, performing projects, master classes and lots of opportunities for making concerts in various venues around town.

If the student is coming for the whole study year, we can admit her/him to ordinary subjects (NB still in regards of the language requirements)

We don`t offer theoretical subjects for Bachelor incoming exchange, due to the language. But for Scnadinavian language students it can be a possibility.

Subjects for Bachelor:
BAM-INTSEM 30 ects (fall or spring)
BAM532 Individual project 30 ects (spring)

Subjects for Master:
MUM-INTSEM1 30 ects (Fall)
MUM-INTSEM2 30 ects (Spring)

All subjects are graded with pass/ fail, and we have a stright presence rule in all performing activities.

Please notice that after you have applied in "Søknadsweb" there is a link in your receipt email to Airtable were you have to upload your video were you are performing two samples from two different styles and genres relevant to the instrument, min 15 minutes

Exchange Bachelor in Performing Dance

Read more about the exchange program

Student dancing outside, Student som danser ute

Bachelor level only

As an exchange student you will be enrolled in the 30 credit (ECTS) course International Semester. The subject as a whole is asessed with pass/fail, and is the only formal grade given from the exchange. You will follow the 2nd year BA classes both in dance and theory.

The focus of our BA program is contemporary dance in all its aspects – technique, repertory, performance, improvisation, and choreography. In addition to several classes weekly in contemporary technique our students train in classical ballet and hip hop. We also offer courses in Improvisation, Choreography, Repertory and Performance, and Body Research and Awareness.  Some exchange students are also involved in independent performance projects. Please note that the choices may differ from semester to semester.
Every semester we invite a guest artists to teach and also set work on our students. Performances ranging from informal studio showings to full evening theater presentations take place several times a year.

Our dance program is small, yet international and of high quality. The students benefit from individual attention from our faculty, and incoming exchange students find it easy to integrate socially into student life.
Our excellent facilities, located in beautiful Bjergsted Park, include three large dance studios, a black box and a small concert hall, as well as a performing arts library, cantina, and sauna.
Almost all of our own BA dance students have an exchange stay abroad during their 3 year course of study, and we welcome incoming exchange students each semester.

Subjects for BA dance:
BDA910 International semester 30 ects (fall)
BDA915 International semester 30 ects (spring)

Read more about out BA programme here

Please notice that after you have applied in "Søknadsweb" there is a link in your receipt email to Airtable were you have to upload your video.The duration of the video should be between 10-15min and include example of your performances, improvisation, contemporary dance and classical ballet.'
Any platform is ok - YouTube, Vimeo etc.''

Exchange Music Production and recording

Read more about the exchange program

Studenter i lydstudio

Music Production and recording, extension study (Not Master level)

This one-year extension study (60 study points ECTS) may be used as an exchange study for one or two semesters, given the right formal competence in the student: Bachelor Degree in Music Performance or similar (high level in your own main instrument). Read more about the MPR programme here.

All applications for incoming exchange are submitted via "Søknadsweb". After the application is completed you have to give some more information in Airtable (link sent in the receipt mail from Søknadsweb). In Airtable you should upload a document that tells us about your experience in music production. You don`t have to upload a video.

Subjects for MPR:
MPR503 30 ects (fall)
MPR504 30 ects (spring)

Nomination and application prosess

  1. Your homeinstitution has to nominate you in Nomination web that opens the 1st of March.
  2. You will recieve a email that you are nominated and can then apply for exchange.
  3. Fill out your application in Søknadsweb.
  4. Follow this guideline: Admission for inbound exchange
  5. In the receipt e-mail there is a link to the form where you have to upload the video and documents before the deadline.
  6. Your application and video will be sent to a committee for assessment.
  7. If you are accepted as a exchange student at the Faculty of Performing Arts, you will get information about when studys start the semester you are accepted.
  8. You will get your timetable, specification of content within the international subject (30 ects) and main instrument teacher for music students when you arrive.
Pulpit rock

For questions regarding the application process, please contact Solvor Sleveland at The International office at The University of Stavanger.

For questions regarding incoming exchange, please contact
Lena Crosby Haug, administration coordinator and IRC inbound exchange coordinator