Information Technology, Mathematics and Physics - PhD

The area of Information Technology, Mathematics and Physics is a subfield within the doctoral programme in Science and Technology at UiS.

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About the subfield

The subfield has specialisations in cybernetics / signal processing; computer science; physics and mathematics. The doctoral programme is linked to the research within each of these specialisations.


Computer Science and Electrical Engineering and Mathematics and Physics.

Target Audience

Students with master’s degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics or Physics.

Study Courses

One of the following is to be chosen:

Students select one of these topics depending on their chosen specialisation. Study courses from other universities can also be selected as long as the course covers the learning outcomes for the programme. Approval of such has to be done by the Doctoral Committee.

Project courses

Project courses are supervisor-led and tailored according to the needs of the PhD project.  The following project courses are offered:

Academic contacts:

Head of Department
Faculty of Science and Technology
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Head of Department
Faculty of Science and Technology
Department of Mathematics and Physics

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