PhD events and skills workshops

Here you will find an overview of PhD skills development courses and other events related to the PhD education at the University of Stavanger.

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About the PhD skills development courses

In addition to subject-specific courses, UiS offers training aimed at the development of personal and professional skills that are useful in a future working life, whether it is in or outside academia.

Most of the courses are held on a half-yearly or yearly basis, whereas others can be one-time courses. As a general rule, the courses are only open for PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows affiliated with the University of Stavanger, who will receive information about the courses via e-mail.

Workshop schedule for spring 2024

6. February: Online: The Balanced Researcher and the Impostor Syndrome 

Researchers often struggle to find a balance between their research and all the other demands on their time. Most researchers also struggle with doubts about whether they are doing enough or are even good enough. This workshop draws on evidence-based strategies to help you stay well and productive during your time as a PhD-candidate. More information

12. March: PhD Get Started

Familiarise yourself with the different stages, key milestones, and main challenges of doctoral training. During the PhD Get Started seminar you will learn about your rights and duties as a PhD candidate, meet your peers, and hear from key people who will support you through your time as a PhD candidate. 

18. April : Online: Kappe-writing

An article-based thesis comprises not only the articles aimed at publication, but also the narrative (“kappe”) that is intended to convince your examiners that you have successfully met the criteria to become a doctor. In this workshop, we reflect on what your examiners want to you demonstrate, discuss how to approach the writing process, and look at the elements of a good “kappe”. The online workshop is hosted by Lynn Nygaard

14-15 May: Writing articles for journals

This two-day workshop is for PhD candidates within the fields of Humanitites or Social Sciences seeking to publish their research in English-language journals for an international readership. The workshop is hosted by Josie Dixon.

16 May: Impact & Research Communication

This interactive workshop is designed to develop the necessary skills to effectively communicate the significance of specialist research to those outside the discipline.  Participants learn how to make a powerful case for their project in grant applications, job applications or publishing proposals. Participants will also develop their ability to engage wider audiences for presentations, public engagement, outreach and dealing with the media. The workshop is hosted by Josie Dixon.
Registration upon email invitation about three weeks before the course.

Contact Malin Henden or Birgitte Dambo, Research department, if you have any questions.

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