Siv Hilde Berg


Det helsevitenskapelige fakultet
Avdeling for kvalitet og helseteknologi


I am an Associate Professor in Patient Safety at the SHARE-Centre for Resilience in Healthcare, Department of Quality and Health Technology, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Stavanger.

I hold a PhD in health and medicine, and have a background as a clinical psychologist, and masterstudies in safety science.  

In my current research (postdoc) I am part of COVCOM- Covid Communication project: I have applied methods derived from cognitive psychology, and risk and decision analysis to study health communication of complex topics such as pandemic communication. Decision analysis has involved both public' and experts' perspectives. Furthermore, we have reviewed the litterature related to effective modes of communication and explored video communication in particular related to recipients factors, creativity and effect. 

I did my PhD at the University of Stavanger titled Safe clinical practice for patients hospitalised in mental healthcare during a suicidal crisis, The research studies patient safety for suicidal patients in perspectives drawn from resilient healthcare. I have also done research on the conceptualisation and methodology developement within resilient health care. 

I am a member of the Editorial Board for The Norwegian Journal of Psychology,

I hold a 20 % position at RVTS-Vest as a psychologist,

In the past, I have worked as a clinical psychologist at Stavanger University Hospital. 


  • Health and risk communication
  • Learning and accident and incident investigation methods
  • Safety Science theories, Resilience in health care and complex adaptive systems
  • Patient safety in mental health
  • Suicide prevention
  • User involvement and patient experiences
  • Health care services research 


  • Qualitative research: Interviews, focus groups, 
  • Review methods; systematic review, integrative review, narrative review
  • Quality appraisal of qualitative and quantitative research 

Links to popular science contributions: 

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The cronicle was awarded with voice of the year, currently read by 28 000.

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