Administration at UiS

The joint services at UiS are organised into four divisions and headed by the prorector for research, the prorector for education, the prorector for innovation and society and the the director for organisation and infrastructure.

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division of research


The research division is headed by Merete Vadla Madland, Prorector for Research, and includes two administrative units: the Research Department and the University Library.

The primary tasks of the Research Department are to assist the faculty, the university director and the rectorate with analyes, reports, consultation and strategic development work related to research and external funding.

The EU/NFR unit provides assistance for applications for external funding from the Research Council (NFR) and the EU. The unit is part of the research department, but also reports to the EU-unit steering committee, which consists of members from UiS, NORCE, HSH, SUS and Uni Research Polytec.

The department also works closely with the Innovation Department (INA) and the researchers and informs about NFR and EU programs, calls for proposals and project types. In addition, the department arranges courses and seminars on application writing, project development and upcoming calls. The department can also help in the application process itself, with an e-application form, budget or project description.

The department is also responsible for coordinating the PhD education and course offerings aimed at PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows.

Director of Research: Kjersti Melberg
Alle employees at the research department.
The Research Department is located in the Arne Rettedal building at campus Ullandhaug.

The University Library is a resource for the university's employees and students. The library also offers services to private individuals, other libraries and businesses.

The university library's services include:

  • Scientific literature in a subject that is taught and researched at UiS
  • Databases, journals, electronic books and other media that cover study and subject areas at UiS
  • Borrow a librarian
  • Courses in literature search and good advice when writing assignments
  • We also welcome suggestions for books and other material for our collection

Library director: Gitte Kolstrup
All employees at Stavanger university library 

The university library consists of four libraries:


The library at Ullandhaug is open 24 hours a day for students and staff. At Ullandhaug you will find all types of reading areas, including a quiet area downstairs, group tables, sofa groups and reading booths. In addition, you can use Studieverkstedet, Dataverkstedet, the 3D-lab and Kongsgårdsalongen.

The library's collections cover the subject areas at Ullandhaug, and many useful courses and events are held in the library at Ullandhaug.


The library for music and dance is located in Bjergstedparken by Kuppelhallen. Here you can also find newspapers, magazines, listening and video rooms and reading places. The library has a large music collection on LP and CD, with the main emphasis on classical, jazz and folk music. 

The Museum of Archaeology

The library at the Archaeological Museum is open to the museum's staff, students, visitors and anyone else with an interest in archaeology. The disciplines of archaeology, botany, geology, history, conservation and museology are well covered with relevant literature. The library has reading room seats and group tables. Librarians can help find articles and literature, search databases, and provide guidance for questions relating to reference and publishing. 

Medical Library

The Medical Library contributes with specialized information competence so that staff and students can obtain the information they need for clinical work, research, professional updating and education. Librarians can help locate, search for and order literature. The library has an automated lending and returns service which makes it possible to borrow and deliver books outside staffed opening hours.

division of innovation and society

Innovation and Society

The Division of Innovation and Society is headed by Prorector for Innovation and Society, and includes two administrative units: the Department of Innovation end External Collaboration and the Department of Communication and Public Affairs.

UiS sin stand på Nordic edge. Foto: Mari Løvås

The Department of Communication and Public Affairs is engaged in strategic and operational work within communication, public relations, dissemination and brand building.
Areas of responsibility include:

  • Government, media and commercial sector relations
  • Communication strategies
  • Operational communication and information work internally and externally
  • Communication consulting
  • Web development
  • Marketing and student recruitment work
  • Event and visitor services
  • Research dissemination
  • Crisis communication
  • Graphic design
  • Graphic profile
  • Management support

Director of Communication and Public Affairs: Vibecke Lykke Olsen
All employees in the department of communication and public affairs.
The department is located in the Arne Rettedal building, third floor, Ø wing – Campus Ullandhaug.

The Department of Innovation and External Collaboration (AIS) is responsible for overall strategic advice for the university's management team, with particular emphasis on research-based innovation and entrepreneurship activity.

AIS offers administrative services and tools to promote the university's strategic goals for research-based innovation, commercialization of research results and development of entrepreneurship for students with the environment. AIS develops collaboration opportunities between UiS and regional and national entities.

The department also works closely with the Research Department and the researchers on relevant calls and project types. AIS can also assist in the application process itself.

Director of Innovation and External Collaboration: Troels Jacobsen
All employees at the department of innovation and External Collaboration.
The Department of Innovation and External Collaboration is located in the Arne Rettedal building, second floor – campus Ullandhaug.

DIvision of Organization and infrastructure

Organisation and Infrastructure

The Division of Organisation and Infrastructure is headed by Ole Ringdal, Director of Organisation and Infrastructure, and includes five units: Department of Facilities Management, Department of Corporate Governance and Development, Department of Human Resources, IT Department and Department of Finance.

Foto av et nybygg i vinterettermiddagslys

The department is responsible for design/planning of expansion and conversion of building stock, procurement for construction projects and conferences. The department is also responsible for the day to day operations such as safety and cleaning.

The guard centre is located in Kjølv Egeland's house, entrance south, and is staffed outside normal office hours. The center can help orient visitors and users.

Emergency phone: 976 96 442

Director: Frode Alvheim
All employees at the department of Facilities Management

The Department of Corporate Governance and Development is responsible for the overall financial management, and a number of tasks related to the development of the organization. The department is also responsible for following up and coordinating the university's plan for digitization, providing management information and preparatory matters to the university board and advising on management at various levels in the institution.

The unit coordinates and follows up the work with strategy, annual plan and annual report, including risk management. We prepare PVO circulars and support internal management dialogue. We coordinate the work with long-term financial planning, determination and distribution of financial frameworks. .

Director: John William Viflot
All employees at the Department of Corporate Governance and Development
The department is located in the Arne Rettedal building, third floor, campus Ullandhaug.

The IT department UiS-IT is central in the development of UiS's IT strategy, architecture and management. The department is a partner in the organization and aims to work across departments, departments and faculties. UiS-IT is a service provider of IT and find cost-effective solutions that they implement and operate.
IT Director: Sjur Martin Bjerke
Employees at the IT department

The Department of Finance is responsible for financial management, financial management and the purchasing function at the University of Stavanger. Preparation of management information and case preparation for the university's board within the area of ​​financial reporting is included and in the department's tasks.

Director of Finance: Eli Løvaas Kolstø

The Department of Finance is organised into four main sections:

Section for Budget and Accounting, Head of section: Turid Adamsen Husvæg
Section for Project Economy, Head of section: Åse Liseth Ormøy
Section for Payroll, Head of section: Alf Strand
Section for Procurement,  Head of section: Katrine Thorsen

Employees at Department of Finance

The department is located in the Arne Rettedal building, second floor – Campus Ullandhaug.

division of education


The Division of Education is headed by Astrid Birgitte Eggen, Prorector for Education, and includes three units: Department of Academic Affairs, NettOp – Department of digital learning resources and UiS Continuing Education.


The Department of Academic Affairs is headed by the Director of Academic Affairs.

The department is divided into four sections:

Section for Reporting and Educational Support (Head of Section Kevin Tysdal)

Areas of responsibility:

  • FS
  • Tableau (statistics and reporting tool)
  • Reporting
  • Diploma
  • Room and schedule
  • Exams
  • Assistance with and implementation of course evaluations and other surveys
  • The project "Arbeidslivsportalen"
Section for Admission and Educational Guidance (Head of Section Marianne Simonsen)

Areas of responsibility:

  • Guidance
  • Facilitation
  • Admission
  • Coordination of semester start
  • Courses
International Office (Head of Office Nora Skaansar)

Areas of responsibility:

  • Support and advice for internationalization of study programs, including joint degrees
  • Application processing and guidance for student exchange
  • Project support and external funding
  • Collaboration programme
  • Enter into and manage agreements
  • ECIU and ECIU University
  • External relations, networks and delegation visits
Section for Quality and Development in Education (Head of Section Ingrid Stokkeland)

Areas of responsibility:

  • Accreditation, periodic evaluation of study programmes, etc. and revision of the quality system
  • Assist the Director of Education with the secretariat of the Learning Environment Committee, the Education Committee, the Board's appeals committee and the suitability committee
  • Study portfolio
  • Analysis and assessment
  • Administrative support for Profres (graduate school)
  • Legal guidance and support for faculties
  • Study administrative guidance and support for faculties, UniPed, NettOp and UiS EVU
  • Follow-up of input from "Let us know" (notification portal for students)
  • Conducting course evaluations and other surveys

All employees in the Department of Academic Affairs.

NettOp-UiS is a department for the development of digital learning resources and solutions for online education at UiS. Since 2000, the unit has produced various web-based solutions in a number of disciplines. The unit works both internally at UiS and for external clients.

NettOp-UiS' areas of expertise :

  • counseling on format and didactics in courses that are web-supported or web-based
  • project management for the development of solutions for online learning and dissemination
  • text and script production for digital teaching aids and video
  • developing visual elements for digital learning materials and online dissemination; photo processing, video recording, drawing, animation etc.
  • programming in web-based tools
  • video production
  • app development

Director of NettOp: Atle Løkken.
All employees at NettOp-UiS.
NettOp-UiS is located in the Kitty Kielland building, second floor, campus Ullandhaug.

UiS Lifelong Learning (UiS EVU) coordinates courses and continuing education at UiS.

UiS EVU shall be a hub between the university and external partners. We can adapt teaching assignments to different needs. UiS EVU can help you find the right teaching staff at UiS.

UiS Lifelong Learning offers courses at bachelor's and master's level within most subject areas. The teaching is adapted to accommodate your work life with a combination of online and part-time activities.

UiS-EVU director: Frode Leidland.
All employees at UiS-EVU.