Department of Early Childhood Education

The Department of Early Childhood Education (IBU) offers a Bachelor's degree in Earcly Childhood Education Teacher Training, a Master's degree programme in Early Childhood Education Science and a number of continuing and further education programmes, as well as a PhD programme.

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We are loacted in the Hagbard Line-building.

We have a close working relationship with providers of supervised professional training. One of our clear goals is to help develop the practical field for which we are training teachers, and consequently our research is aimed at the profession and grounded in practicality. This is designed to help our candidates play a key role in the knowledge-based development of society.

Our employees come from many different disciplines and deliver research-based knowledge that is relevant to society's challenges in the kindergarten field.  This is based on observing overall social responsibility where we aim to be involved in developing knowledge about how young people can have good conditions while growing up and the importance of a professional education while doing so.

Courses offered by the Department of Early Childhood Education

The Department offers courses at both Master's and Bachelor's level, as well as continuing and further education and PhD courses.

En gruppe av barn smiler til kamera

The Department of Kindergarten Teacher Education offers kindergarten teacher training, both as 3-year full-time study and as 4-year part-time study. We also offer workplace-based kindergarten teacher training over 4 years (ABLU).

We also offer a Master's degree in Kindergarten Science, as well as several continuing and further education courses. Courses on Kindergarten Pedagogy/Toddler Pedagogy are supplementary programmes for educationalists who are not kindergarten teachers.  The Department is also responsible for a PhD programme.

What sort of work could you do after studying at the Department of Early Childhood Education?

As a qualified kindergarten teacher you could work as a kindergarten teacher, an educational leader and the head of a kindergarten. If you do not wish to work in a kindergarten, you could apply for other child-related occupations, e.g. SFO (after school clubs), leisure clubs or similar places. If you add on a Master’s degree in Kindergarten Science or other relevant Master’s degree courses, you could do other jobs, e.g. working in higher education, upper secondary schools and other bodies.

Our Master's programme also forms the basis for further PhD studies, including those in the fields of educational and kindergarten sciences

Will you be undertaking supervised professional training?

Supervised professional training is a compulsory part of the education of all kindergarten teacher students. This practical training provides students with the opportunity to link theory and practice. In practice, student gain experience through observation and real teaching situations under the guidance of experienced teachers.

Early childhood education research

At the UiS we conduct research on kindergartens and early childhood education at many different levels. Full details about our research can be obtained from Filiorum - The Centre for Kindergarten Research.

To smilende små barn maler med hendene

Employees at the Department of Early Childhood Education are responsible for a number of research and development activities, which include the following topics:

  • Sustainability in kindergartens (education for sustainable development in kindergarten teacher training, child exploration of nature and local environments, outdoor teaching and natural science)
  • Communication: mathematics, language and digital technology (technology, pedagogy and subjects such as integrated units in kindergartens, children's play with blocks, tools for assessing e-books in kindergartens)
  • Aesthetic and creative learning processes (music and sound in kindergartens, interplay between the old and the young, musical identity in kindergarten employees, public artistic decoration of kindergartens)
  • Values, democracy and diversity in kindergartens (belonging, community and diversity, professional care, ethical professional dilemmas in kindergartens)
  • Profession and leadership (what constitutes a good kindergarten? Boosting the expertise of staff in open kindergartens,)

Learn more about UiS' early childhood education research in Filiorum - Centre for Research in Early Childhood Education and Care.

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