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The University of Stavanger offers a network for former UiS students. As a UiS alumnus you can join our network to keep in touch with former fellow students and the UiS. You also get benefits at the SiS sports centre.

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Alumner med hatter i luften
Through the alumni network, you keep in touch with former fellow students.

The alumni network will make it easier to maintain contact with former fellow students, as well as create and connect a new network with other UiS alumni.

There are several ways you as a former student at UiS can take part in our alumni network. We want you to keep in touch with the university and your former fellow students.

The purpose is to create a lifelong contact, and build a strong network where former students together with UiS can help each other. For instance exchanging professional knowledge, exchanging resources, helping each other in a work context, or just meeting socially.
The University of Stavanger has many international students, which means that we have alumni spread all over the world. The alumni network can be used to strengthen your network, for instance to make several contact networks both nationally and internationally.

If you want to get in touch with other UiS alumni or help with the alumni work, you can join our network. Feel free to contact if you have any questions or there is something else we can help you with.

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UiS alumni portal

UiS Alumni is your exclusive network with over 12,000 registered members from UiS. Here you can keep in touch with former fellow students, the university, start discussions, plan network meetings, hold professional knowledge and direct invitations to seminars, subject days or other events that are relevant for your field. Members of the UiS network also receive benefits at the SiS sports center.

In the alumni network, your student data is retrieved automatically. Make sure that your contact information is correct, and feel free to link the profile to LinkedIn to retrieve photos and details. Welcome to the network!

UiS alumni on LinkedIn

Follow us on LinkedIn, where we have just under 30,000 alumni who are affiliated with UiS. Here we share relevant news related to the region and UiS.

If you want to contribute to strengthening UiS, you can for instance be a mentor for students, receive company visits, contribute to student recruitment or feature in our series of alumni portraits.

Contact us by e-mail. 

Contact us

Contact the Department of Innovation and Societal Engagement for more information about UiS Alumni. 


51 83 10 00

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