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How to Apply – step by step

Follow the steps below when applying as an international applicant for a Master's programme at the University of Stavanger.

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Find information about whether you should apply as an international or local applicant and the application deadlines for each category here.

Explore the master’s programmes taught in English at UiS on our website. International applicants can apply for only one study programme.

You are only allowed to create one user profile in SøknadsWeb. If you created more than one user profile in SøknadsWeb, all applications will be deleted.

In order to be eligible for master's programmes at UiS, you need to document a bachelor's degree of minimum three years. Depending on where you completed upper secondary education, you may be required to have more than three years of university education to be eligible for a master’s programme at UiS. Please see the Country List for more information.

Read the academic requirements carefully for each programme you are applying to. The academic requirements are as specified under the admission requirements section of each programme on our website. The Admission Office does not have the capacity to evaluate individual credentials prior to application. If you think you are eligible, we encourage you to apply within the deadline.

Admission to master's programmes at UiS requires a minimum grade average comparable to a Norwegian C (according to ECTS Standards) in your bachelor's degree. A Norwegian C is described as a good grade, generally comparable to an American B, a Second Class Upper in the British system. All international applicants with foreign education will be individually evaluated during the admission process.

For applicants from some countries, there are specific grade requirements. Please see more information in the Country List.

As a general requirement for admission to master’s programmes in English, all applicants must document proficiency in English on advanced level through an international test, recognized by UiS. UiS does not offer any preparatory courses in English.

Exemptions from the English test are limited. For more information, check the English language requirements.

Applicants must submit all required documents before the deadline (23:59 Norwegian Standard Time). Incomplete applications will be refused regardless of academic qualifications. UiS does not contact applicants for missing documentation. It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit a complete application within the deadline. Only a few documents are possible to submit after the deadline, see the list of required documents for more information.

All applicants need to register their application in Søknadsweb. Please follow the guidance and instructions in the video below before applying. Incomplete applications will be refused regardless of academic qualifications.

Applicants with outstanding academic backgrounds may be granted early admission. If you want to be considered for early admission, please follow the instruction given on Early Admission.

Video about how to apply.

The status of your application will be "Under consideration" in Søknadsweb until we finish the admission process. You can expect an outcome of your application in SøknadsWeb and via email in May.

Accept or decline the admission offer in Søknadsweb within the given deadline. You can find your official Letter of Admission under My Documents in Søknadsweb. Further information about what to do next can be found in the Letter of Admission.

Check out our video about how to apply for a Master's degree at UiS as an international applicant