Application Guide for International Applicants to the University of Stavanger

This guide explains how to apply for a Master's degree (taught in English) at the University of Stavanger as an international applicant.

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Application Guide

All prospective students need to apply online for admission. Register an account on our online application system Søknadsweb to begin your application.

Søknadsweb is only open for applications during the application period. There is no application fee, it is free to apply for admission to the University of Stavanger.

It is the applicant's responsibility to read admission requirements before applying.

All applicants can expect their application outcome within the month of May unless they have been selected for early admission. You will be notified of your application results by email.

Contact Us

Prospective students can reach out to the International Admissions team for guidance and queries related to the admission process. Please provide your application number if possible when contacting us. We do not offer individual assessments on your admission eligibility before applying. We encourage you to apply if you believe yourself to be eligible according to the admission requirements outlined.

Opening Times

Monday - Friday



+47 5183 1235

How to apply

We have created a picture tutorial for how to apply an international applicant to our Master's study programmes.

Register as a new international applicant on the online application system Søknadsweb.

Ensure your personal information is correct and matches the content of your passport.

  • Given name (First name)
  • Surname (Last name/Family name)
  • Citizenship (Nationality)

You will receive a registration confirmation email with your password to log in to Søknadsweb once you have created an account.

  1. Once you have registered your account, log into Søknadsweb to complete your profile.
  2. Choose admission to begin completing your application form: "Application to Master's Programme for International Applicants"
  3. Select your study programme of choice on the application alternatives list. You can apply for a maximum of one master's programme at the University of Stavanger.

All applicants are limited to one application only to the master's programmes. Anyone that creates more than one account on Søknadsweb to apply to the University of Stavanger will have all their applications deleted.

soknadsweb application guide

Applicants interested in applying for early admission should provide the following information in the "extra information" section of their application:

  • GPA (Grade Point Average)
  • Name of Bachelor’s Degree
  • Name of the Institution
  • Country where the institution is located

Please read Early Admission for International Applicants for more information on:

  • How to provide your GPA
  • The conditions to be granted early admission
  • The expected date of results for early admission
soknadsweb application guide - extra information for early admission


Upload your documents to your online application. Find the list of required documents and how to name your files according to the instructions in documentation requirements for international applicants.

Applicants will receive an automated confirmation email every time they successfully upload documents to their application on Søknadsweb.

Please note that the university does not ask for missing documents in applications. Applications without all required documentation within the deadline will be considered incomplete. All incomplete applications will be rejected regardless of academic qualifications.

4.1. Additional Country-Specific Required Documents

Some applicants may need to upload additional documents or complete additional documentation requirements not listed in documentation requirements to fulfil admission requirements. Please check if this applies to your documents according to the country list.

4.2. Documents for Final-Year Bachelors Students

Applicants can apply for a Master's study during the final year of their degree. If you have not yet graduated and are unable to upload your diploma and complete transcript of records within the deadline, please complete and upload the Statement of Enrolment Status (PDF) to your online application by the deadline.

  • This form must be completed by the applicant and signed and stamped by your university.
  • You must also upload an interim transcript including all the courses you have taken up until the day of applying to your online application within the deadline.

As soon as you receive your diploma and transcripts, submit them by email to Please attach them to the email in a PDF format and include your application number and study programme. Your diploma and transcript must also fulfil any additional country-specific admission requirements where applicable.

Please note that you will only be considered for admission if there are still available study places at the time when you deliver your diploma and transcript.

4.3 Extension to Submit English Test Results

Applicants can get an extension to submit their English test results by uploading the receipt of their English test registration to their online application by the application deadline.

As soon as you receive your English test result, submit them by email to Please attach your English test result to the email in PDF format and include your application number and study programme.

Applicants can delete uploaded documents and upload new documents to their application as many times as needed during the application period.

Applicants cannot upload documents past the application deadline. Any documentation deleted after the application deadline cannot be uploaded again to your application. Any documents deleted after the deadline in your application will not be considered.

After completing your application on Søknadsweb, you will receive an automated confirmation email with your application details and applicant number. Your application status will be "under consideration" on Søknadsweb until we finish the admission process.

Use your applicant number as a reference when contacting the International Admissions office regarding your application.

Your Application Status

We have received your application. Your application is undergoing evaluation to determine if you are qualified for admission. It is normal for your application to be under consideration up until the application results are published in the month of May.

Qualified applicants are granted admission and must respond to their admission offer within the deadline. Applicants must accept or decline the offer on Søknadsweb within the deadline stated on their letter of admission. You can access and download your official letter of admission in the My Documents section of your Søknadsweb account.


Applicants are unable to defer their study place for next year. If for some reason you do not accept the admission offer, you must apply again next year. Please contact with your applicant number to inform us of your decision as soon as possible.


Applicants who originally accepted their admission offer but have changed their minds may withdraw from their study program. Please contact with your application number to inform us, and we will make the necessary arrangements for you.

If you have already registered for the semester, you can send an email to the study coordinator of your faculty and submit a Notification of Withdrawal at the Digital Student Reception.

Your application has been unsuccessful.

Reason for Application Rejection

In accordance with the Norwegian Public Administration Act § 24, applicants may request an explanation concerning the grounds of their application results within three weeks of receiving application results. This request should be addressed to the relevant party who made the administrative decision regarding your application outcome.
If you still believe that your application was wrongfully evaluated after receiving the explanation, you can appeal the admission decision.

Appealing your Application Results

  • Please note that the admission decision may only be appealed if a formal error has been made by the admission committee; cf. Section 28 of the Public Administration Act in Norway. Sections 18 and 19 of the Public Administration Act entitle the applicant to view the case documents.
  • It is not possible to file a complaint against the academic level or grade evaluation. All international applicants with foreign education will be individually evaluated during the admission process and the Education Committee reserves the right to decide grade requirements for deviating grade systems.
  • Any new information, which the applicant did not initially include in the application and within the deadline, will not be taken into account.

How to Appeal your Application Results

The appeal submission deadline is three weeks from the time that the decision was received. If your appeal is not upheld by the faculty, it will be processed by the appeals board at UiS.
Appeals should be emailed to the Admission Office at the University of Stavanger ( for international applicants and for local applicants). In your appeal, you should specify which decision you are appealing to, and the change you would like to be made, and you should state what kind of formal error was made in the admission process in your appeal; cf. Section 32 of the Public Administration Act.

You have been placed on the waiting because there were not enough study places in the study programme. In order to hold your place on the waiting list, please respond on Søknadsweb.

The waiting list is not ranked. You are not assigned a number on the waiting list. If study places become available, the International Admissions Office will consider all applicants on the waiting list for admission to UiS. If you are not offered admission by 15th August, we did not have vacancies in the study programme you applied for.
We are unable to comment on your number on the waiting list.

Admission Requirements