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Classes from the Library

The library offers classes that helps you with academic writing and reference management. We offer open classes for students and staff at UiS. Lecturers at UiS can request classes from the library for a student group.

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The Library offers the following classes:

Academic Writing

How do you write academically?


Tool for reference management


Handle formulas and mathematical symbols in large documents.


Structure your work with qualitative data


Basic of the Python programming enviroment

Rayyan (No)

Free online tool to check references on major literary studies


Analyse and edit data


Free reference management for Mac and PC

Open classes for everyone at UiS

Open classes are made available in the library’s course calendar. These classes are open to students and staff at UiS.

We offer classes in both Norwegian and English, and digital and physical classes.

Request a class for your students

Lecturers at UiS can request classes from the library for at student group.

The content of the class can be adjusted to a target audience.

Course calendar