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UiS Publishing Platforms

In Open Journal Systems and Open Monograph Press you’ll find journals, books and serials that are published open access at UiS. Contact the University library if you want to publish on one of these platforms.

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Publishing platforms for journals, serials and books

The University Library is administrator for two platforms dedicated to open access: Open Journal Systems (OJS) for publication of journals, and Open Monograph Press (OMP) for books and serials. These platforms make it easy to release new open publications, and convert established journals and serials to open access publication.

All articles are given a DOI. This increases visibility online and in search engines, and makes citing easier. For all journals peer review is demanded, and they must meet the requirements for scientific publishing at minimum level 1.

In OMP, researchers at UiS can publish books they want to make openly available for students and everyone else interested in reading them. Reports and serials can also be published in OMP.

All journals and other publications are indexed to increase visibility in search engines. This, together with open access, increases the possibility for impact and more readers.

The platforms OJS and OMP are delivered by Public Knowledge Project (PKP).

The University library is responsible for administration of the platforms, in cooperation with IT, and will provide training and support for editors and academic environments at UiS. The library will also perform some of the technical tasks in the publication process, while all editorial responsibility remains with the publisher / editor.

Contact the University library if you have any questions about this, or if you wish to publish on one of the platforms. If you are considering starting up a new journal, or releasing a book, the library can guide you through the process.

Questions about the UiS publication platforms? Contact us:

Open publishing

Do you want to start a new scientific journal, or do you need a platform for publishing your book? Are you the editor of a journal, and want to make it open to reach a wider audience, and fulfill the demands in Plan S? Please contact us!

Open Journal System

In OJS you’ll find open, peer reviewed journals. Contact John David Didriksen if you want to publish in OJS. Phone: 51 83 11 15 Email:

Open Monograph Press

In OMP, researchers at UiS can publish open access books, reports and serials, Contact the library for for publishing in OMP. Email:

Journals published in OJS

PlaySpace (PS)

Open Access and peer-reviewed journal dedicated to critical perspectives on artistic research.


Tidsskrift for akademiske studier av nyreligiøsitet


AmS-Skrifter covers the field of archaeology, including various themes archaeological method and theory, interdiciplinary studies, museology, heritage management, conservation studies, field work and practice. Interdiciplinary works are <br>Papers, articles and monograps are published in AmS-Skrifter in a world language, with English abstract.


AmS-Varia publiserer monografier og artikkelsamlinger, hovedsakelig innenfor studiet av forholdet mellom mennesker og natur i førreformatorisk tid.<br>AmS-Varia publishes both monographies and artices, mainly within the study of human and nature in the past.

Journal of Comparative Social Work

JCSW publishes articles on subjects of importance for social work with a special emphasis on comparative research.