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PhD Programme in Health and Medicine

The PhD programme in Health and Medicine is a doctoral programme at the Faculty of Health Sciences. Health and Medicine describes a field of research which works to improve the medical services and thus public health.

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Applicants with a academic background who have completed a five-year master degree (3+2)


Funding for projects must be secured before admission


Continous admission

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The health problems we face today differ from earlier health challenges. Previously, bacterial infectious diseases  threatened people's health - today we have the HIV virus epidemic which is the largest public health problem in Africa. Today's health problems are to a greater extent linked to the individual's lifestyle and ability to safeguard their own health. We see significant health challenges in relation to chronic diseases, mental illness, substance abuse, cancer, diabetes, obesity, COPD, asthma and dementia.

It is therefore a need to integrate research in medicine and health with elements from several disciplines in order to gather knowledge about individual, structural, organizational and social phenomena. This requires both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research where methods from different fields, like social science, epidemiology and health services research, are relevant.

Our PhD programme in Health and Medicine is founded on a broad methodology to facilitate multi - disciplinary approaches to scientific research. This includes several disciplines: clinical and translational medicine, nursing, chiropractic, patient safety, and psychology. The programme will help to develop knowledge that enables patients and healthcare professionals to better meet tomorrow's health challenges. It is our aim to develop our PhD students' ability to conduct research that increases understanding of how factors at different levels and areas affect human health.

Structure of the course of study

This article gives an overview of the programme structure and some of the requirements for each part.

Project plan

The project plan should follow the template for the project plan for the PhD programme in Health and Medicine. The candidate must submit their project plan within 3 months after admission. 

Instruction component

The course component of the PhD programme shall comprise of at least 30 ECTS credits, which are distributed as follows:

  • Philosophy of science and ethics, 10 credits
  • Research methods, 10 credits
  • Specialization course(s), 10 credits

The doctoral training also comprises of compulsory academic dissemination. The following components must be completed: 

  • Regular presentation of research progress in your academic group
  • At least one presentation at an international academic conference during the doctoral education
  • At least one popular science contribution during the doctoral education

Mid-term evaluation (50% seminar)

A mid-term evaluation of doctoral thesis work will be conducted either in the third or fourth semester (if the candidate follows a three-year cycle). The candidate will present his/her work for assessment by an evaluation team, consisting of at least one persons appointed by the faculty.

90% seminar

A 90% seminar will be held towards the end of the PhD course, prior to the candidate submitting his/her thesis for evaluation.

PhD thesis

If the PhD thesis will consist mainly of articles, at least 3 articles must have the PhD candidate as first author. At least 1 article must have been accepted for publication in a peer reviewed, scientific journal. At least 1 article must have been submitted, and the rest of the articles must have been made ready for submission.


PhD courses in health and medicine offered at the University of Stavanger:

DHV100 Philosophy of Health Sciences
10 credits
Course coordinator: Sebastian Rehnman
Course dates 2021: February 1-5 + March 22-26
Application deadline: January 20 2021

DHV210 Qualitative Methods in Health and Medicine
10 credits
Course coordinator: Birgitta Haga Gripsrud
Course dates 2021: April 26-30 + May 6-7 + May 10-12
Application deadline: April 1 2021

DHV211 Metasynthesis - Research Course in Advanced Qualitative Methods
5 credits
Course coordinator: Terese Bondas
Course dates 2021: April 13-16
Application deadline: March 30 2021

DHV220 Quantitative design and analysis in health science with focus on quasi-experimental research
10 credits
Course coordinator: Kolbjørn K. Brønnick
Course dates 2021: May 19 + May 21 + May 26 + May 28 + June 2
Application deadline: May 1 2021

DHV310 Theoretical and innovative approaches to long-term illness
10 credits
Course coordinator: Anne Marie Lunde Husebø
Course dates 2021: autumn semester

DHV340 Social scientific addiction research 
10 credits
Course coordinator: Hildegunn Sagvaag
Course dates 2021: autumn semester

DHV350 Selected topics in Quality and Patient Safety 
10 credits
Course coordinators: Siri Wiig, Karina Aase
Course dates 2021 will be announced

DHV370 Professional relationships in health- and social work; a psycho-social perspective 
10 credits
Course coordinators: Ellen Ramvi, Birgitta Haga Gripsrud

Guidelines and forms

Doctoral comittee

The Doctoral Committe acts by the authority of and gives advice to the Dean of Faculty. The Dean of Faculty has the administrative and academic responsibility for the Faculty's PhD in Health and Medicine.

Members of the Doctoral Committe:

Chairman: Henriette Thune, Vice-dean of reseach

Department of Caring and Ethics:
Professor Bodil Furnes
Associate Professor Margareth Kristoffersen 
vice-member: Associate Professor Kirsten Lode

Department of Quality and Health Technology:
Professor Siri Wiig
Associate Professor Stephen Sollid
vice-member: Associate Professor Kristin H. Urstad

Department of Public Health:
Professor Kolbjørn Brønnick
Professor Torgeir Gilje Lid
vice-member: Associate Professor Ingvild Margreta Morken

Stavanger University Hospital
Inger Økland, Associate Professor II, UiS

Ph.d.-candidate appointed by the Faculty:
Jorunn Nærland Skjærpe (observer)


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