PhD at UiS?

Are you considering pursuing a PhD at UiS? Explore our available fellowship positions and learn how to apply.

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Normally three years of full-time study

Application deadline

Please refer to the individual announcements

New doctors at the annual celebration in 2022.

How to apply for a PhD programme

To pursue a PhD, you need a relevant five-year master's degree and funding.

Apply for a PhD fellowship

Most PhD candidates finance their education through a fellowship. You can do this by applying for a fellowship from our vacant positions.

The announcements includes all the requirements for your application. Normally, it consists of a preliminary project proposal and several qualification requirements. For detailed requirements, please refer to the individual announcements.

When you are hired for a fellowship position, you will be enrolled in one of UiS' five PhD programmes.

PhD with external financing

You can also apply for admission to a PhD programme with external funding. Financial matters must be clarified between the funding part and UiS before admission. For applicants who are not fully funded through scholarship schemes, documentation is required to show that at least 50% of your working hours will be spent on your PhD education. In addidtion at least one year should be set aside for full-time study. Read more about applying for admission to the a PhD programme here.

Industrial and public sector PhD

It is possible to finance a PhD through your employer. In this case, you collaborate with your employer and UiS on a doctoral project, and you will receive a financial grant from the Norwegian Research Council. There are separate admission rules for this type of PhD funding. Learn more about industrial and public sector PhD.

Dr. philos

Doctor philosophiae (dr. philos.) is a non-supervised PhD that can be conferred to researchers who have qualified for a doctoral degree on their own. Learn more about Dr. philos.

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