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PhD in Educational Sciences and Humanities

The PhD programme in Educational Sciences and Humanities encompasses two research disciplines that overlap in some areas, but which also each have their own distinctive characteristics.

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Admission requirements

Master's degree


Three years

Educational sciences has a particular focus on research into childhood and adolescence, learning, teaching, general education and formal education from kindergarten through to higher education, and encompasses disciplines such as pedagogy, didactics, special education, sociology, psychology and history.

The humanities focuses on research into expressions of the human mind and human society and culture in the broadest sense, both past and present, and includes disciplines such as history, religious studies, literature and languages.

The PhD programme thus allows for both in-depth, specialised research within one of these areas and interdisciplinary investigations that traverse traditional boundaries.

Courses autumn 2021

Below you will find an overview of relevant PhD-courses planned for the autumn term 2021.

If you are already a PhD candidate at UiS you can either register in Studentweb or use the application form below in order to apply for these courses.

All external candidates must use the application form and send their paperwork to

Check here for a full list of PhD-courses at the University of Stavanger.

Read more about DUH240 Qualitative research

Dates: Wednesdays, week 36-47

Application deadline: 25 August

Contact: Kenan Dikilitas

Read more about DUH220 Research Project Development

Dates: 21 and 28 September, 5 and 26 October, 23 November and 14 December

Application deadline: 3 September

Contact: Dolly Jørgensen

All applicants must submit

  1. the application form for PhD courses (application form)
  2. a short project idea (ca. 300 words) and researcher bio (ca. 100 words)

If two or more applicants are cooperating on the same project idea, they still need to apply individually, but should indicate that they are working together.

Read more about DUH225 Research Design

Dates: 15-17 September

Application deadline: 1 September

Contact: Arne Olav Nygaard

Read more about DUH135 Systematic observation in education

Dates: 21.-22. september og 21.-22. oktober

Application deadline: 1 September

Contact: Sigrun Ertesvåg

Read more about DUH157 Contemporary perspectives on Diversity

Dates: 28.-29. september, 19.-20. oktober og 17. november

Application deadline: 13 September

Contact: Geir Skeie

Read more about DUH100 Systematic Review

Dates: 4.-6. oktober

SApplication deadline: 20 September

Contact: Serap Keles

Read more about DUH221 Educational Sciences

Dates: 25.-26. oktober og 8.-9. november

Application deadline: 11 October

Contact: Ketil Knutsen

Read more about DUH205 Research Ethics

Dates: 23-26 November

Application deadline: 8 November

Contact: Anne Nevøy

Read more about DUH120 Introduksjonsemne for ph.d.-kandidater (Norwegian)

Date: 9 September

Contact: Ulrich Dettweiler og Jeanette Rollheim

Read more about DUH125 Avslutningsseminar (Norwegian)

Date: 21 October

Contact: Ulrich Dettweiler og Jeanette Rollheim

This is organized as a collaborative effort beween Gothenburg University and Filiorum -Centre for Research in Early Childhood Education and Care.

Read more and apply to join the course.

Dates: 21 September 2021, 10 November 2021, 16 February 2022 and a conference 11-13 May 2022. 

Application deadline: 15 May 2021

Admission requirements

The general conditions for admission are set out in section 2-1 of the University of Stavanger’s PhD Regulations.

In addition, the following requirements apply to admission to the PhD programme in educational sciences and humanities:

  • An average weighted grade of B or higher from the (last) two years of the master’s degree
  • A grade of B or higher on the master’s thesis

In addition to the formal qualifications, importance will be attached to the quality of the proposed PhD project and relevant academic work.

Applicants who do not meet these formal criteria may exceptionally be admitted on special assessment. Importance will be attached to the academic supervisor’s documented ability to ensure the PhD candidates finish their PhD work.  It must be specified how the department/center intends to follow up the PhD candidate and ensure completion.

Read more about admission to PhD programmes at the University of Stavanger.

Guide for PhD Education

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