FIKS UiS is an association for students at the Department of Cultural and Linguistic Studies (IKS) at UiS.

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FIKS UiS is an association for students at the Department of Cultural and Linguistic Studies (IKS) at UiS. The association's purpose is to create social cohesion at IKS, and facilitate social and professional gatherings. The lines that fall under IKS, and thus also FIKS are: - Lektor - (teacher) in high school program - Year study in English, history, Nordic and religion - Bachelor in English, history and Nordic - Master in English, history and Nordic - NOMSA Membership is free, and all students at IKS are automatically members. Of the activities, we have an annual cabin trip that is arranged at the beginning of February which tends to be sold out :-) Otherwise, since we are after all under IKS, we try to get more cultural events such as theater and or stand-up. Where, among other things, we have been to see Steinar Sagen. Otherwise, there will be various social events such as exam breaks, back to school party at the tap tower and annual meeting. Otherwise, we are open to other social activities, both non-alcoholic and evenings at the tap tower.Otherwise, we usually take part in the fadderweek in August, where we have previously had a theme party and fadderleaders from our organization.

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