Chandan hopes to be a pioneering marketer and entrepreneur

That's why he chose to study Business Administration at the UiS Business School.

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Chandan Podder

From: Bangladesh

Study program: Master of Science in Business Administration at UiS Business School

Specialisation: Strategic Marketing and Analytics (now a part of major in Management)

Other: Is engaged at the innovation house Lyspæren

Chandan Podder

UiS has received accolades for its dedication to sustainability and the quality of its academic programs

Chandan Podder , student

Note: The former major in Strategic Marketing and Analytics is now a part of the major in Management.

Why did you choose to study Business Administration?

When I think about what it means to study business administration, I think of a vast field that teaches you everything from the ground up about how to manage and direct a company. It also aids in the growth of analytical and logical reasoning abilities, which are invaluable in the business world and leadership roles. For this very reason, I decided to pursue a career in business. I have an insatiable curiosity for business practices, and I plan to put what I learn to use in my professional life, where I hope to rise to the top of my field as a pioneering marketer and entrepreneur.

What specialisation did you choose, and why?

I have always had a soft spot for marketing. Throughout my career, I learned the importance of interpreting large amounts of data to make informed decisions about a company's marketing strategies and plans, as well as how to identify and target the most profitable market segments.

After researching, I decided that the Strategic Marketing and Analytics course at UiS would be a good fit for me. And I signed up for it. In addition, the knowledge and abilities to analyze market trends, consumer behaviour, and competitor strategies can be developed through this course.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Stavanger (UiS)?

When deciding whether to attend UiS, I carefully considered several factors. To prepare for my move to Stavanger and UiS, besides the campus and academic credentials, I looked into the climate, extracurricular activities, social security, employment prospects, and so on. While pursuing my bachelor's degree, I took several courses on sustainability that have proven invaluable to me in my professional and personal endeavours.

UiS has a centre for innovation, a beautiful and quite large campus, many sports and social clubs, a standard-size outdoor playground, an active student union, a 24/7 open library, and the largest gym in the city. It has also received accolades for its dedication to sustainability and the quality of its academic programs. Therefore, it appears that the UiS met almost all of my requirements. And now I am here!

Tell us about how a typical day at UiS is for you?

A typical day at UiS for me is attending lectures, meeting with my study group, going to the gym, and having lunch in the cafeteria. Bokkafeen is one of my favourite local hangouts for relaxing.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing badminton and football at the gym here. When I still have energy in the late evening, I head to the library for self-study. To regain my energy, I often attend networking or startup events hosted by SiS or Lyspæren. I frequently enjoy randomly boarding a bus, riding it until I find a beautiful location, alighting, and spending time alone. This is a fantastic way to explore the countryside surrounding Stavanger, which I have done numerous times. It is at least worth a shot!

Do you have any particular memories from your time here til now?

I have a lot of good memories from my year and a half here. Hiking in the mountains, travelling throughout Norway and other European cities, winning competitions, participating in startup events, falling for Stavanger's beauty and tranquillity, and so on.

My startup adventure is the memory I would most like to keep forever. Coming from a business family, an entrepreneurial mindset has always been ingrained in me. When I initially learned that UiS offers a tremendous opportunity through UiS Lyspæren to work on new and innovative concepts, I could not resist seizing the chance. Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I have received a great deal of assistance and met a number of highly professional and grounded folks. I find this one of the most impressive amenities that UiS provides for its students.

Do you have any advice for future students?

I believe that the ability to be versatile and adaptable is equally important. Whether you are an international or domestic student, life will not always go according to plan. Following the adage Enjoy the journey, not the destination allowed me to be more adaptable. Whether you accomplish your objective, the path you pave and the insights you gain are invaluable.

Do not be shy about asking for assistance. Almost everyone I have encountered at UiS, from professors to admins to librarians to students, has been nothing but helpful and kind. So, embrace your life at UiS to become a member of one of the most resourceful institutions!

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