We all need someone

Let's look out for each other. We all need someone!

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Studentsamskipnaden i Stavanger (SiS), the student organisation StOr and the University of Stavanger (UiS) are offering counselling services for students as well as opportunities for recreational and social activities when the situation allows. Below you will also find contact information for emergency situations.

We all need to get stuff off our chests now and then. Are you struggling to motivate yourself to study? Are you feeling a bit down? Perhaps your best friend lives in another town or you find it hard to talk to your parents on the phone. You might be worried about a fellow student. Whatever is on your mind, you can find someone to talk to at SIS (Studentsamskipnaden).
Book an appointment at Studentsamskipnaden.

You may also use the student helpline, which is a night-open telephone service and a supplement to existing health services on campuses. The line is open from 5pm to 7am every day including weekends and holidays. This is a free, anonymous service for all students in Norway.

Call 116 123 and dial 3, and you will get someone to talk to.

The UiS has its own student chaplain. The student caplain is here to support you as a student both in good and more challenging parts of your student life. Get in touch! Please vist the website of the student chaplain.

Have a look in the calendar below for upcoming events. Bring a fellow student who you know needs to get out. Or just come as you are. We all need company!

On our Facebook page you can also stay tuned on events coming up.

The University Library at Ullandhaug is open with some restrictions. See opening hours for the library.

The Museum of Archaeology at Våland has free admission for students. There is plenty of space in the café, and student offers for today's lunch. You may also use the reading room spaces available at the museum's library.

Are you worried about your own mental health or someone else's? If you would like to talk to a psychiatric nurse, you can call Stavanger urgent care center ("Legevakt") 116 117 to make an appointment. 

Your GP can also refer you to relevant health services. 

For suicide prevention, please call these helplines:
51 51 59 59: the TIPS helpline (at Stavanger University Hospital) open weekdays 8 am to 3 pm 
22 40 00 40: Kirkens SOS - open 24 hours a day.

Send an email to SiS at samtaletilbud@studentensbeste.no to find out about places to turn to for help with other issues.

UiS has a site with checklists for emergencies and unwanted events.

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