Early admission and prior qualifications for local admission

On this page you can find more information regarding early admission and prior qualifications for local admission at the University of Stavanger

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Early admission means you can apply to be considered for early outcome of your application.

When and how can I apply?

  • You need to apply by 1 March and check for early admission in the application portal.
  • All required documents must be uploaded within the deadline.

What do I need to be qualified for early admission?

  • Meet all the requirements. This means that you must have completed the programmes, courses, language requirements or other necessary admission requirements.
  • It must be clear that you would have been admitted last year with a good margin.
  • The program you apply for is not a new study program or hasn't had major changes since last admission.

When will I get the outcome for early admission?

  • You will normally receive the outcome of your application within week 20.
  • If you are rejected for early admission, your application will still be considered in the ordinary admission rounds. In that case, will the outcome of the application be sent out no later than 25 July.

If you are not considered qualified for the study programme you wish to apply for by the ordinary rules, but you have relevant experience, you may apply with prior qualifications.

To be considered on the basis of prior qualifications, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be 25 years or older
  • Document necessary knowledge in Norwegian and English language
  • Have minimum 5 years relevant work experience or education
  • Apply through the application portal SĂžknadsweb within 1 March and check the box for prior qualifications when you apply

Relevant work experience or education may consist of paid or unpaid work, education, organizational work, or similar. Everything that is to be included in the assessment must be documented and uploaded.

We cannot know what education or relevant work experience you hold. You are responsible to upload all (official) documentation that can be relevant for your application.

The final evaluation will be done by academics connected to the study programme, and a preliminary assessment is not possible.

We cannot pre-evaluate if you are qualified through prior qualifications.

Be aware that you cannot apply to be considered on the basis of prior qualifications if you are qualified for the study programme by other regulations.

What to upload?

Education: You must upload official documentation of all education. This may be diploma, final transcripts, diploma supplements, certificates or other documents of education.

Experience: You must upload official documentation of work experience, working in a voluntary organization, etc. This can be documented with certificate/official documentation from employer or public authority office.

Language: You must upload documentation of meeting the language requirements.

Read more about how to document education, work experience, language and more.

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