Local admission to Master programmes and further studies

Do you want to apply to two-year master programmes, PPU or further studies as local applicant? Check our step-by-step guide to find out what you need before you apply.

1. When should I apply?

At UiS we have different application deadlines based on which application category you belong to. Some study programmes have their own deadlines and application procedures.

A Norwegian residence permit or citizenship does not automatically entitle you to apply as a local applicant. Please read the application categories and deadlines carefully before you apply.

Your application category will depend on citizenship, language skills and educational background. It is important that you apply in the correct category, since your application would be rejected if you apply in the wrong category or application period.

Everyone has to apply through Søknadsweb.

I have a bachelor’s degree or citizenship from a Nordic country.

You must apply as local applicant between 1 February and 15 April.

I meet the Norwegian language requirement.

How to meet the Norwegian language requirement.

You must apply as local applicant between 1 February and 15 April.

I have citizenship from EU/Switzerland or Liechtenstein, but I do not have a bachelor's degree from a Nordic country, and I do not meet the Norwegian language requirement.

You must apply as international applicant between 1 February and 1 March.

How to apply as international applicant.

I do not have citizenship from EU/Switzerland or Liechtenstein, I do not have a bachelor's degree from a Nordic country, and I do not meet the Norwegian language requirement.

You must apply as an international applicant between 15 November and 1 December.

How to apply as international applicant.

Further explanation

  • The Nordic countries consist of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, as well as the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland. If you are not able to apply as a local applicant, please contact masteropptak@uis.no.
  • Applicants with secondary education from the Nordic countries can meet the Norwegian language requirement depending on their background. Read more about how to meet the Norwegian language requirement.

Study programmes at the Faculty of Performing Arts

Different deadlines and application procedures. How to apply for studies in music and dance.

Master i Prehospital Critical Care: 5 January to 5 February

How to apply for PHCC.

Norwegian Language and Culture programme for international students: 1 February to 1 March

How to apply for NORINT.

If you wish to be evaluated based on prior qualifications or to apply for early admission, read about how to do so on early admission and prior qualifications for local admission.

To programmes with the ordinary application deadline 15 April, you must apply for these assessments by 1 March.

2. Which and how many programmes can I apply for?

UiS has a variation of master- and further education programmes you can apply to with a completed bachelor's degree.

You can apply for up to five programmes and further studies. Some programmes have specialisations, and they might be listed in the application portal with the programme's name or the name of the specialisation. Check our Study Catalogue.

3. What are the requirements for admission?

You must meet the academic requirements, language requirements, and a minimum grade requirement.

Are you wondering what the requirements are for the programme you want to apply to? Each study programme has their own website, and the academic requirements can be found under the section about admission requirements. Find your study programme in our Study Catalogue.

The Admissions Office cannot evaluate credentials prior to application. If you think you are eligible, we encourage you to apply and upload the required documents within the deadline.

Some programs require a minimum grade point average (GPA) in your bachelor's degree. If you have taken courses in addition in order to qualify, these courses will be taken into account as well. A minimum requirement of C on the ECTS grading scale means that your calculated GPA must meet the converted numerical value of 2,5.

The minimum required GPA may vary for some programmes, please see the admission requirements. Read about how we calculate the GPA.

Education from abroad

If your education is from a country that does not use the ECTS grading scale, please see our website for conversion of grading scales.

To qualify for study programmes taught in Norwegian, you need to meet the Norwegian and English requirements. The admission to programmes taught in English may require higher level of English if you need to document an approved test.

How can I meet the language requirements?

4. Which documents will I need to upload?

How to document education, work experience and other documents relevant for admission.


In general, you need to document that you have completed a Bachelor's degree for admission to master programmes and further studies. You must upload official documentation of your education, e.g. Diploma and Diploma Supplement. Other important documents include your passport, and official translations, if your documents are not in English or a Scandinavian language.

Documenting work experience and more

Some programmes may have additional requirements, and you might have to document relevant work experience, or similar. Therefore, check the admission requirements on the study programme's website. All documentation uploaded to SøknadsWeb must be official documents.

5. Where do I apply?

How to register your application.

You register your application in the application portal Søknadsweb for the University of Stavanger.

Choose first ‘Application for Master's Programmes, PPU and Further Education’ and then choose between these admissions:

  • Admission to Master's Programmes and further studies at UiS
  • Admission to Master in Pre-Hospital Critical Care
  • Admission to Master's Programmes and further education in nursing (Only for programmes that have an application deadline 5 February)
  • Admission to PPU

In the next step you add the application alternatives and prioritize them. If you wish to apply for programmes in more than one admission, you can choose ‘New application’.

Remember to submit the application to complete the application process. If you do not submit it and do not receive an email, the application may not be registered.

6. I have applied, what now?

The outcome regarding admission for two-year master programmes, PPU and further education (starting in August) will be sent out no later than 25 July

We recommend paying attention to your email during the application period, as there may be sent questions from the admissions office, documentation requests or the outcome of the application before 25 July. If you receive an offer for a study place or waiting list, you will have about a week to accept it.

If you have questions, you can check our frequently asked questions. If you cannot find your question there, please contact us by email masteropptak@uis.no or phone 51 83 15 44.

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