Early admission, special assessment and prior qualifications for local admission

On this page you can find more information regarding early admission, special assessment and prior qualifications for local admission at the University of Stavanger

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Early assessment for your application means that you can apply to be considered for early outcome, if you have reason for it and meet the requirements. To apply for early assessment you need to apply by 1 March, check for early assessment in the application and document reason for early assessment.

Reason for early assessment may be that you need the outcome of your application early to apply for student visa, to change the working position or quit your job, or other things that can be documented as a reason for early assessment.

It is not always possible to give an early assessment, even if you technically qualify for it. jf. Forskrift om opptak til studier og emner ved Universitetet i Stavanger §1-11 ledd 2.

To be considered for early assessment, you must be qualified at the time you applied and all required documents must be uploaded within the deadline. This means that you must have completed the programmes, courses, language requirements or other necessary admission requirements.

If the programme you are applying for is a new study programme, or it has been changed since last admission, we will not be able to consider applications for early admission to the programme.

To qualify for early assessment, it must also be clear that you would have been admitted in the preceding round with a good margin.

You will normally receive the outcome of your application for early assessment within week 20. If you are rejected for early assessment, your application will still be considered in the ordinary admission rounds. In that case will the outcome of the application be sent out no later than 25 July.

Applicants can be admitted regardless of ordinary ranking rules if documented illness, functional impairment or other conditions give reason to assume that the results do not give an accurate picture of the applicant's qualifications. An offer of admission requires equivalent knowledge and skills to applicants offered admission according to the ordinary rules.

To be considered for special assessment you must document that the knowledge you had while you were studying were better than the grades. If the application for special assessment is not approved, you will compete with your points in the ordinary admission.

Even if you are approved for special assessment, you are not automatically offered a study place. To be offered admission after special assessment, your application must be equivalent to the applicants offered admission by ordinary ranking rules. This means that if you are multiple points below the point limit for admission, it is not likely that you will be offered admission, regardless of being approved for special assessment.

If you are approved for special assessment, your application will be individually assessed. The consideration will consist of the grades from the degree qualifying you for admission, and how the reason for your application for special assessment have affected the grades.

The deadline to apply for special assessment is 1 March. You will need to check of special assessment in Søknadsweb when you apply.

The following must be sent by mail (not via email)

All documents that are considered sensitive documentation. Medical/doctor's certificates and PPT-rapports regarding educational situation and need for special education are examples of sensitive documents.

All sensitive documents must be sent to the local admission office with a document including your name, the programme you have applied for and your application number.

You need to include:

- Documentation of the reason for special assessment. Dokumentasjon på forholdet som gjør at du søker særskilt vurdering. For example medical/doctor's certificates, PPT-rapports or other relevant official documents.

- Self-declaration where you write the reason for applying special assessment. It must also include describe how it has affected your grades, and description of why you mean that you were on a higher level then shown in the grades you received.

This must be sent by mail to the local admissions office, and must be sent as soon as possible after you applied. Write a notice in the application after the documents have been sent.

The mailadress to the admissions office is:
The local admissions office
University of Stavanger
Postboks 8600
4036 Stavanger

The documents will be destroyed after they have been considered for the admission.

Applicants that are 25 years or older may be considered for admission to a study programme or course if they can document prior qualifications equivalent to the admission requirements for the programme/course. Documentation of required language skills for the programme must also be documented. To be considered, applicants must upload minimum 5 years relevant work or education. This may consist of paid or unpaid work, education, oranizational work, or similar. Everything that is to be included in the assessment must be documented and uploaded.

This does not apply if the applicants are qualified for admission by other regulations.

To have the prior qualifications considered, you must apply through Søknadsweb within the deadline (1 March for local applicants), and check off the box or write that you are applying for this.

We cannot know what education or relevant work experience you hold. You are responsible to upload all (official) documentation that can be relevant.

What to upload?

Education: You must upload official documentation of all education. This may be diploma, final transcripts, diploma supplements, certificates or other documents of education.

Experience: You must upload official documentation of work experience, working in a voluntary organization, etc. This can be documented with certificate/official documentation from employer or public authority office.

We cannot pre-evaluate if you are qualified through prior qualifications.

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