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Admission to UiS

Here you can find information about how to get admission to studies at UiS.

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UiS offers various master's degrees of a two-year duration. The application procedure and deadlines will vary depending on whether you apply through local or international admission.

Find the relevant information for application to master's degrees.

The Faculty of Performing Arts offers studies at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Their master’s and extension studies are taught in English, while their bachelor’s programmes require knowledge of a Scandinavian language. Note that the deadlines at this faculty may vary from deadlines to other studies.

How to apply for studies at the Faculty of Performing Art.

UiS offers a 1-year course in Norwegian Language and Culture that gives students the Norwegian language proficiency required to enter Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes taught in Norwegian at the University of Stavanger. This course is free of charge, students only need to pay the semester fee.

How to apply for the Norwegian language and culture programme

UiS EVU also offers Norwegian courses for people with a valid residence permit in Norway. A course fee is required for these courses.

Information about EVU Norwegian courses

PhD education gives you the possibility of working in academia and doing in-depth research on the field of your interest. You will be payed during the three or four years of your doctoral education. 

How to apply for PhD studies

All undergraduate/bachelor programmes at UiS are taught in Norwegian. Applicants with education from outside of Norway must document Norwegian language proficiency in the application process.

How to apply for undergratuate studies (in Norwegian)

You can apply for single courses at UiS without having been admitted to a study programme. Most of the courses are taught in Norwegian, however some courses are taught in English.

How to apply for single courses

UiS offers Practical Pedagogical Education for applicants with prior education who want to get the teacher qualification in Norway. This programme is taught in Norwegian and you must document Norwegian language proficiency in the application process.

How to apply for PPU (in Norwegian)