Checklist for accepted inbound exchange and internship students

Congratulations! You have just received a Letter of Admission from the University of Stavanger. Please go through the checklist below before your arrival to Stavanger.

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International Office

Sara Shiromizu E-mail: Phone: +47 51 83 29 98 Julie Høivik Aase E-mail: Phone: +47 51 83 20 17

Faculty of Performing Arts

Lena C. Haug E-mail: Phone: +47 51 83 40 00

Faculty of Health Sciences


Department of Social Sciences

Heidi Lie Eriksen Contact info

Study abroad at the University of Stavanger

When you receive your Letter of Admission (LoA) you need to log into Søknadsweb to accept or decline your study offer within the deadline written in your LoA.

To download your Letter of Admission in pdf. format, please go to "Documents" in Søknadsweb.

Your citizenship determines what kind of visa or study permit you need in order to study in Norway. Read about visa and study permit. All students must read this page carefully. The International Office is unable to assist with specific questions regarding your visa application.

Students who need a study permit (visa) need to download their Letter of Admission in pdf. format from "My documents" in Søknadsweb.

Applying for SiS accommodation in the application guide.

Please note that you can apply for student housing after you have submitted your application for exchange. You do not have to wait for a letter of admission. However you MUST use the code provided to you in the e-mail titled "Application changed" when you submitted your appliction for exchange to apply for accommodation.

Autumn 2023

For those who have received accommodation through SiS it is very important that you read the below information as it is your responsibility to pick up the key at the correct location when you arrive:
You can collect a folder containing keys to your student accommodation as follows:

From 1st August 12pm you can collect a folder containing keys in the reception at Scandic Hotel, Stavanger Airport. This hotel is open 24 hours. A valid ID, such as a passport, is required to collect the key.

No housing contract starts before 1 August so you cannot pick up your keys before this date.

If you are arriving in Stavanger by other means than by air, you still need to make your way to this hotel to pick up your key.

Please note that duvets, pillows, kitchen utensils and towels are not available in the student accommodations.

You can find the location of your accommodation via Google Maps and take either taxi or bus from Scandic Stavanger Airport Hotel to your accommodation. Read about how to get there.  

Update from SiS

Dear students

If you have not yet received an offer of accommodation, we are sorry to inform you that all student houses for priority international student are now fully booked and no more rooms will be available for international students for the fall semester 2023.

The private marked accommodation is tough and the rent is unfortunately high. If you try to find a room on the private market, please check and

Note that these websites are independent of the University of Stavanger and are in Norwegian only.

The International Office and SiS housing unfortunately cannot help students who want to seek accommodation through these websites.

Best regards SiS housing and University of Stavanger

Practical information

Please read on our practical information pages to learn about matters such as the academic calendar, student life, insurance and health matters.

Traveling to Stavanger

Due to the uncertainty in accommodation, please wait until you have secured accommodation before booking tickets to Norway.

Please do not book your return ticket before you know when your last exam is. The exam dates may also change up to three weeks before the exam date

Have a nice trip to Stavanger! 


Students who come from countries where it is possible to purchase private insurance are highly recommended to do so. It is your own responsibility to make insurance arrangements for any accident, illness, injury, loss, or damage to persons or property that may occur during your stay in Norway. We urge all students to insure their household contents during their stay in Norway. Read about health matters.

IT registration

During June and July (Autumn semester) / December (Spring semester), you will receive an e-mail on how to register as a student in our IT-systems. (It is not possible to create an IT-account before you have received your student number).

Guide to new students.

Deadline to add courses is the 1st of February (spring semester) and 1st of September (autumn semester).

Not having fulfilled the formal requirement for this course?

Sometimes students get an error saying that you have not fulfilled the formal requirements to register for a course in Studentweb. Please send an e-mail to the study advisor responsible for the Faculty or Department the course is offered in so they can assist.


Please check the timetables (Updated timetables will be published during mid-December for spring semester and mid-july for autumn semester) if any of your courses overlap. See point 7 below on how to change courses. Please note that when you check the timetables, you are not able to search for courses based on your student number before signing up for the exams in Studentweb. You need to search by using course codes.


Canvas is a platform where you may find all your courses and information about obligatory course materials and links to digital lectures and so on.

Please note that the Canvas page for a particular course will only appear after the course teacher has published content and it may take up to 2 days after signing up for the courses before the courses shows up in Canvas.

You can change the language through your computer browser.

Access is here on step 6.

If you need to change courses because of overlapping timeschedule or overlapping exams after registering as a student, please contact the study advisor at the Faculty or Department that are offering the course you wish to change to.

Deadline to add courses is the 1st of February (spring semester) and 1st of September (autumn semester).

You may withdraw 3 weeks prior to the exam or in some cases 3 weeks prior to the first obligatory assignment. It is your responsibilty to read up on the exam rules for your courses.

Information meetings for Autumn 2023

We will have two digital information meetings for our students on 17th and 23rd of August. You will receive a separate email with invitation and Zoom link during the summer. Please note that both these meetings will have the same content, so you only need to attend one.

Presentations from the Autumn 2023 semester

International Office (PDF)

The Student Organisation - StOr (PDF)

Stavanger University Library (PDF)

International Students' Union - ISU (PDF)

Presentations from the Spring 2023 semester

Presentation from the International Office

Presentation from the library

All students from a high occurrence country/area of tuberculosis, must take a test for tuberculosis when entering Norway. If you have spent more than 3 months in a high epidemic country/area it is your responsibility to inform us at and be tested.

Read for more information.

International Students at University of Stavanger have their own Facebook page. This group offers a great opportunity to get to know other exchange students arriving at the same time as you but also international students who are already at University of Stavanger. Feel free to ask other students for advice and stay tuned for information about social events.