The first dataset is published in UiS Open Research Data

Janine Anne Campbell is the first researcher to publish in the UiS archive for open research data.

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In April 2020, guidelines were introduced for research data management at UiS. They emphasize the principle that research data should be "as open as possible and as closed as necessary", a principle that is also supported by e.g. The Norwegian Research Council and the European Commission.

The University library got the responsibility for managing this, introducing the archive DataverseNO as a tool. Here, researchers at UiS can upload their datasets and make them publicly available. Dataverse is an archive that was originally developed at Harvard University in USA, and which is used by most Norwegian universities.

UiS Open research data

The first dataset has been published!

We are happy to announce that the first dataset from UiS has now been uploaded in DataverseNO. Janine Anne Campbell, postdoctoral fellow at the Learning Environment Center, is the researcher who is leading the way. She recently published the article "The Moderating Effect of Gender Equality and Other Factors on PISA and Education Policy". Here she studies data on socio-economic and cultural conditions in 49 countries, to see how they are related to the different countries' performance in PISA, and moderate the relationship of education policies with student outcomes.

Campbell collected this data while she was a doctoral student at the University of Otago in New Zealand, and has continued this work since joining UiS. There is a lot of data behind this article, and everything is now publicly available in UiS Open Research Data, which is the UiS archive in DataverseNO.

The library helps with publication of datasets

The University library wants to thank Janine Anne Campbell for a good collaboration in the process of publishing this dataset, and thus getting a good start for UiS Open Research Data. We hope that many other researchers at UiS will be inspired and contact us when they have data that can be published. We are happy to assist with this and will try to answer any questions staff may have. We can also help with data management plans.

More information can be found on the library's website about research data and data management plans.

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