Meaningful impacts in creating a sustainable future by InGenious program

Bridging between academia and industry, equipping students with knowledge and skills to make a meaningful impact in the transition towards a sustainable future.

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Students attended in the design the sustainable future hotel workshop -2024.
Students attended in the Design the Sustainable Future Hotel workshop.

Embracing sustainable future is not just about protecting the environment; it's also about preparing future generations for the challenges and opportunities they will face. In the past couple of years, InGenious Program has been bridging between academia and industry, offering students invaluable insights into real-world applications of their studies. By finding a balance between knowledge acquisition and skill development, educational institutions can equip students with the practical competencies needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving job market.

Moreover, fostering a culture of sustainability empowers students to create a meaningful impact and contribution in the transition to a sustainable future. As we strive towards a more sustainable world, preparing students for working life entails not only imparting knowledge but also cultivating a mindset of innovation, responsibility, and resilience. Over the past couple of years, the UiS InGenious program has been working to make these opportunities happen.

A Transformative Semester with UiS InGenious - A Journey of Learning and Collaboration

Sustainability SWOT Analysis Workshop

It was possible for me to be part of InGenious program through the Green Transition course in the master level that I had enrolled in the fall semester. Some of the most insightful and excellent events to mention specifically are: Design Thinking, Sustainability SWOT analysis, and study tours to the Wind park and IVAR.

Participation and learning, both balanced each other effectively and so the program became memorable. The workshops and the study tours were well organized. Each event seemed to be aimed at engaging and benefiting as many participants as was possible. The fact that some faculty members were also part of this arrangement provided me with the opportunity to interact with them beyond my home department of urban planning. This had a profound impact on my cross-disciplinary understanding and on my green transition final project.

The Design Thinking workshop, as the earliest program, was extremely useful. I later also used learnings from this session in my final project for the green transition course. In addition, Design Thinking was effective enough to lead me to join one of the sessions at UiS Lyspæren "get to know how 3-D printing happens". Field trips to the wind park at Bjerkreim and IVAR food waste plant were some of the most relevant tours to connect students with the industry. The semester ended but I will miss UiS InGenious - Nighat Khurshid, master student in Urban Planning.

My unique experience at UiS

Giulia Gedda:

Giulia - Student experience

I spent one semester at UiS School of Business and Law as an exchange student from Italy, and during my period abroad, I had the opportunity to participate to the InGenious program at UiS. Based on my experience, there are two key milestones that define the InGenious program:

First of all is the program's role in connecting the theoretical knowledge gained in academic settings with the practical functions at industries. It suggests a two way exchange where academia informs industry practices, and industry insights enrich academic learning.

Secondly, the program's focus on fostering innovation as a means to achieve sustainability goals. By encouraging creative thinking and offering set of skills, InGenious aims to contribute to the broader transition toward sustainable practices in various industries.


Kolawole at Kverneland

Kolawole Durowaiye- master student in Mechanical Engineering : UiS InGenious played a crucial role in making my internship experience a successful one. Aside from arranging the possibility of having the internship, the program also provided me with valuable resources and support throughout the internship, including networking opportunities, workshops, and mentorship. The combination of hands-on experience at Kverneland and the resources provided by UiS InGenious helped me gain practical skills and insights that will benefit me in my future career. I am also planning to use my experience at Kverneland as a case study which would form part of my master's thesis. 

Check Kolawole's video.

Most memorable experience ...

Raheel Nawaz

I got to know about InGenious UiS through the Sustainable Resource Recovery course I took in the fall semester. We were tasked with a project in our study program that was supervised by UiS Ingenious and Gas2feed company. My most memorable experience with UIS ingenious is the fact that I had never seen a wind turbine in real life, I only saw them either in videos or textbooks, but UIS InGenious made it possible for me to see one physically, this is a memory I will keep with me for life. I encourage UIS InGenious to intensify their visibility, so more students will have this fantastic opportunity and experience - Raheela Nawaz, master student in Environmental Technology.

Skretting company... from the collaboration to being mentioned in the sustainability report...

One of the most highlighted experiences was collaborating with Skretting company, both for students and the industry supervisor.

students visit to Skretting
Visit to Skretting

Global Operations Engineer at Skretting, Nevena Mišljenovic:

Having a chance to get in touch with fresh ideas
and new methods for assessing GHG emission
problem was useful for Skretting. It was great
to get an insight into new technologies available,
many still on small scale or in development, but
very promising

This collaboration has mentioned in the company's Sustainability report (pdf).