FLUENT – Multilingual development and change in society today

The research group FLUENT approaches multilingualism from a variety of perspectives by investigating child and adult first, second and third language acquisition and development. FLUENT means "FLerspråklig Utvikling og Endring i Nyere Tid" (multilingual development and change in society today).

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FLUENT focuses on multilingual and intercultural communities in Norway and will investigate language development in all languages involved. We collaborate with national and international researchers as well as with local communities including schools and adult education centers.

Research team


Gølin Kaurin Nilsen

Gølin Kaurin Nilsen (Associate Professor of Norwegian / Norwegian didactics) investigates second language development, construction grammar and metalinguistic awareness in teacher students of Norwegian.

nadine kolb

Nadine Kolb

Nadine Kolb (Associate Professor of English linguistics) investigates heritage language bilingualism, child second and third language acquisition and multilingual education.

david natvig

David Natvig

David Natvig (Associate Professor of Nordic linguistics) researches grammatical and social aspects of multilingual individuals and communities.

Picture of Yvonne van Baal

Yvonne van Baal

Yvonne van Baal (Associate Professor of Nordic linguistics) researches grammatical properties of heritage languages, including Norwegian in America.

Picture of Ingri Dommersnes Jølbo

Ingri Dommersnes Jølbo

Ingri Dommersnes Jølbo (Associate Professor of Norwegian and Norwegian didactics) researches writing from a second language perspective, sociolinguistics, and multilingualism.

Picture of Ove Bergersen

Ove Bergersen

Ove Bergersen (Associate Professor of Norwegian) researches kindergarden as a language environment, multilingual communities, and kindergardeners' interactions in multilingual acquisition.

Research School

The FLUENT research school will focus on themes central for FLUENT.

The research school will facilitate and support the development of a community of students and researchers engaged in multilingualism.

Research projects

We are currently involved in the following projects:

  • American Norwegian Sound Systems in Contact (David Natvig)
  • A Cross-Country Comparison: Language Policies Across the Curriculum in Plurilingual Teaching in Finland, Germany and Norway (Nils Jaekel, Nadine Kolb & Eliane Lorenz)
  • Bilingual morphotactics (David Natvig & Michael T. Putnam)
  • Cross-linguistic influence from English as a heritage language in L3 acquisition (Merete Anderssen, Nadine Kolb, Alicia Luque, Rosalinde Stadt, Brechje van Osch & Marit Westergaard)
  • Cross-linguistic influence in L2 and L3 English acquisition: L1 Norwegian and 2L1 Norwegian-Heritage Language Children (Eliane Lorenz, Nadine Kolb & Helene Jensberg)
  • INPUT: Investigating Proxies for Understanding Trajectories: Heritage Language Maintenance and Child Second Language Acquisition in Refugee Contexts (Nadine Kolb, Merete Anderssen & Jason Rothman)
  • L3 development: A longitudinal study on L3 German in Norway (Nadine Kolb, Gustavo Guajardo & Marit Westergaard)
  • NOP-korpuset (Norskprøvene-korpuset) (Gølin Kaurin Nilsen & Torbjørn Olseth)
  • VAMS-prosjekt (Vi arbeider med språket) – metalingvistisk arbeid med og for lærerstudenter i norsk (Gølin Kaurin Nilsen)


October 27th 2023

Community collaboration workshop


Autumn 2024

Research collaboration workshop