Gathers international researchers at the University of Stavanger

SHARE – Center for Resilience in Healthcare is hosting an international quality and safety in healthcare seminar at Ydalir campus hotel. Organizing such events is one of the key activities of the centre.

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The seminar is named «learning across countries and sectors», and will take place at the 24th of august. It gathers people from different projects, research fields and countries. Creating arenas for networking and meeting across academic fields, disciplines, healthcare professionals and policy makers is important and often difficult according to Siri Wiig. She is SHARE’s centre leader.

Read more about the seminar and registration here.

«Our research centre is founded on a multidisciplinary approach and has long traditions of collaborating with international partners from different countries and sectors. Such networking arenas and meeting points are often the first and fundamental step in establishing collaborations and projects. Many of us meeting here today have met in similar ways and discussed plans for collaboration and are now involved in projects together,” says Wiig.

Post-COVID networking with new associates

Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite from the Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University, Australia and Professor David Bates, Harvard Medical School, USA were both recruited as adjunct professors (professor II) at SHARE during COVID.

«We are so happy to finally be able to meet them again after the non-travelling period we have been through. Additionally, other researchers from Australia, the Netherlands and Brazil will join us in Stavanger, » says the centre leader.

– A result of long-term effort

Inger Johanne Bergerød is the seminar’s contact person and has contributed to the seminar planning together with the other members of SHARE’ leader group including Lene Schibevaag, Heidi Dombestein and Cecilie Haraldseid-Driftland. Bergerød is one of SHARE’s centre coordinators and is also a postdoctoral fellow. SHARE researchers have been working constantly on building a relationship and close collaboration with international experts in patient safety research over the last fifteen years.

Fire kvinnelige forskere foran Ydalir Hotell
From left: Siri Wiig, Lene Schibevaag, Cecilie Haraldseid-Driftland and Inger Johanne Bergerød are excited about the upcoming seminar.

“This seminar is a result of this collaboration as SHARE over the years has become a research environment that researcher from other countries want to collaborate with and visit.  We are very honored and extremely glad to be able to provide a seminar with some of the best patient safety researchers in the world,” says Bergerød.

The seminar is a part of an international week

So far 51 persons have signed up for the seminar. It is organized as part of what they call “international week”. There will be several meetings to discuss collaboration and future opportunities and seminars for PhDs and postdocs lead by some of the experts. Moreover, they are organizing an Expert advisory board meeting in the large Resilience in Healthcare project this week, implying that other high-profile researchers are visiting too. Additionally, there will be social gatherings with mingling opportunities. A hiking trip to the Pulpit rocks is one of the activities planned.  

Text and photo: Eigil Kloster Osmundsen

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Partners in SHARE – Centre for Resilience in Healthcare

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