SMiS Studentmållaget in Stavanger

Studentmållaget in Stavanger is part of an organization called Norsk målungdom

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Studentmållaget works for more people to use Nynorsk and to make it easier for Nynorsk students at UiS.

Studentmållaget in Stavanger is part of an organization called Norsk målungdom. Studentmållaget works for more people to use Nynorsk and to make it easier for Nynorsk students at UiS. We organize events such as grilling, student target group gatherings together with the other student target teams in the country and interesting lectures. The student target team in Stavanger was first formed in 2006. After a period of less activity, the local-organization were re-created in 2013. Since we are still young, you as a member will have a great opportunity to participate in designing the team. Participating in different kinds of events is a good way to get to know other students, and the Student Target Team in Stavanger warmly welcomes new members! If you want to be part of the Student Language Team or want to know more about us, just get in touch with us or just show up on our events. As of 28.09.2020 we have 30 members, so if you are passionate about Nynorsk, just sign up.

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