Courses and seminars

There are different types of courses for PhD candidates at the University of Stavanger.

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Courses with application deadline

These creditpoint given courses involves methology, analysis, philosophy and ethics. External applicants may apply.

PhD courses in Social Sciences

Subject-specific courses

These courses are academically linked to the PhD studies. The courses are credit-bearing, usually with an ongoing admission. Some of the courses are open to external applicants.

PhD courses in Social Sciences

PhD courses at the Faculty of Arts and Education

PhD Courses at the Faculty of Science and Technology

PhD courses at the Faculty of Health Sciences

The University of Oslo has an overview of PhD courses in the Social Sciences offered at several institutions in Norway. These courses are open for candidates at other universities.

Transferrable (Skills courses)

In addition to the subject-specific courses, UiS offers training that helps to develop personal and professional skills that the candidates can take with them into working life, regardless of whether it is in academia or not.

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