Exam concert jazz

Tuesday 30 May 2023 16:00-21:00,

The jazzstudents from UiS invites you to their exam concerts. Free entrance!

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Welcome to UiS Faculty of Performing Arts' exam concerts in jazz! The jazzstudents invites you to a variated and exciting program over two evenings, and you can decide for yourself if you want to see one, more or every concert these two days. Free entrance at Spor 5!

Check out the program for the concerts on Wednesday, May 31st, here.

Program for the evening at 30th of May:

Concert 16.00
Nikolai Heggevik Berge - guitar
Sigurd Kristoffer Notøy - bass
Simen Amundrud - drums
Silas Gomez - keyboard

Concert 17.00
Jonas Evenhaug Christiansen - guitar
Simen Amundrud - percussion
Nikolai H. Berge - guitar
Nikolai J. Lyngra - double bass
Lars F. Hartmann - saxophone

Concert 18.00
Hans-Kristian Karlsen - guitar
Lasse Gjestrud - bass
Nicolai Brauner Schmidt - drums
Simon Folkvord - saxophone

Concert 19.00
Lars Fauchald Hartmann - Saxophone
Simen Amundrud - drums
Erik Ingebretsen - bass
Jonas Christiansen - guitar
Markus B. Årsland - keyboard

Concert 20.00
Anna Kari Nyvoll Opsahl - Saxophone
Anna Kari Nyvoll Opsahl - Saksofon
Ulrik Myklebust Cappelen-Dahl - piano
Hans-Kristian Karlsen - guitar
Erik Ingebretsen - bass
Nicolai Brauner Schmidt - percussion
Tara Tjemsland Lillebø - vocal
Agnes Viksten - altosax
Magnus Kaspersen Evjen – barrisax

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