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Citations and source evaluation

How and why do I cite? Which citation style should i choose? What should my citation look like, and is my bibliography correct? This page gives you information and useful links to answer these questions.

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It is important to cite all sources in your academic writing. This means you acknowledge the work of others and will keep you from getting caught plagiarising.

You must choose a citation style to use throughout your text. The citation style dictates the rules you need to follow for in-text citation and your bibliography. The most used citation style at UiS is American Psychological Association (APA).

There are several useful softwares that can keep track of your sources and help you insert citations and bibliography in your preferred citation style. The library offers classes in Zotero and Endnote. These are good tools, but they will not do all the work for you. You must always check your sources to make sure they are correct before using them.

Source evaluation

Is this a scholarly article? Is the author credible? Is the source still current?

Source evaluation is essential, and these are some of the questions you need to ask when you are writing an academic text. You are always responsible for all sources used in your text.

The Citation Compass has information and check lists to help you with source evaluation.

Useful pages about citing

There are many useful pages that can help you with citing. Here are our recommendations!


Plagiarism is when you consciously or otherwise use someone else's text or work as your own, without crediting the author or revealing your source.

You avoid plagiarism by clearly showing what is written in your own words and thoughts, and what you have taken from other writers. You do this by marking the citation clearly and correct both in the text and in the bibliography.

The University of Stavanger has rules against cheating and plagiarism. We recommend that you become familiar with them. The consequences of plagiarism can be failing your exams and being excluded from your studies for up to a year.

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Use EndNote or Zotero to manage your references

The library offers classes in the reference management tools Zotero and Endnote.

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