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Do you need help finding literature for your assignment or thesis? Or help getting started with referencing? Check out our resources and guides for your assignments, laboratory reports, exams, and thesis at this library resource page for the Faculty of Science and Technology.

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Relevant databases

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Borrow a librarian

Master or PhD student or a researcher at UiS? Borrow a librarian for guidance and help with a literature search.

Book suggestion?

Suggest literature or subscriptions that the library should have in our collection, and we will consider buying it.

Find literature and sources

The University Library has access to several journal and databases providing you access to relevant literature for science- and technology subjects.

Please contact the SciTech contact librarians or at if you need something that we do not have access to, and we will look into if we can get it for you.

The database Oria covers the content of all Norwegian academic libraries. In Oria, you can find books, e-books, journals, research papers and more.

You can also get an overview over the journals in Oria or find relevant journals in our library resource Browzine.

In Oria you can find an overview over the databases that are relevant for science and technology.

Most databases require that you use remote access to access to these online resources. Also remember to get remote access when you are off campus.

Scopus and Web of Science are important interdisciplinary databases that we recommend for all SciTech subjects.

The University Library have several printed standards. You can search for these in Oria, and do not hesitate to ask for help locating them. In addition to this, we have access to several digital standards through Standard Norge.  

Use remote access if you are off campus to gain access. Standards need to be open in Adobe Acrobat Reader, try to open the file from the folder “Downloads” if the document does not automatically open.

Standard discount:

Students and employees at UiS get 70% discount when buying standards from Norsk Standard. Read more about this here.

Standard Norge, Norsk Elektroteknisk Komite and Standard Online AS offer a student subscription on access to digital versions of NS, IEC, ISO and NEK standards. A student subscription costs 500kr incl. tax pr. year/12 months. Read more about this here

Other standards:

  • The standardization in Norway: Here you will find information about the standardization in Norway, in Europe and internationally. You can find a catalogue of Norwegian standards and links to other standardization organizations.
  • Global Standards Store: This is a catalogue over several international organizations, including API, ASME and ASTM.
  • NORSOK: Here you will find standards that apply to businesses related to the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway.

Writing assignments and thesis

The University Library offers several services to help you getting started and take care of important element during the writing process.

Literature searches

The aim when you are doing a literature search is to find the best available knowledge about a certain field of interest. Keywords and sources are dependent on the subject you are working with. Read more about literature searches in Canvas.

Laboratory reports

Find general tips on how to structure and write a laboratory report in the Canvas-module How to write a laboratory report. Read more about how to prepare for laboratory report writing when you are in the lab, and general about the report structure and content.

Borrow a librarian

If you are starting a research project and need help getting started with literature searches you can book an appointment with a librarian. Master students, PhD students and employees can book individual guidance in literature searching.

Thesis writing

You can get help with your thesis writing from student mentors in the Study Lab. They also offer writing groups for master students. In UiS Brage you can find previous student thesis, both bachelor- and master thesis. You can use these for inspiration, but be aware that the grades ranges from A to E

Useful resources

Research assistance

If you are starting a research project, the library can help you with literature search, data management, useful reference managing software and more.

Searching for literature

If you are starting a research project and need help getting started with literature searches you can book an appointment with a librarian. Master students, PhD students and employees can book individual guidance in literature searching.


We recommend using reference managing tools, and other software to help you when doing research. The library offers a wide range of workshops and courses in: Endnote: reference management software that helps you save time formatting citations. Zotero: a free and user-friendly reference manager software. LaTeX: An advanced document editing system. NVivo: software for processing qualitative data. Rayyan: a tool for screening your references for systematic reviews and more.

More about

Library courses

The University Library offers a wide range of courses, and most of them are open for everyone. In addition to this, we offer courses for students at the Faculty of Science and Technology, like searching workshops in the beginning of the spring semester.

We offer courses in LaTeX, Zotero, EndNote, NVivo, Rayyan, Academic writing, study techniques and literature searches. Information about our open courses will be available in the library’s course calendar.

You can find information and guides about the courses the library offers, in Canvas.

Open classes

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Shut up & write for PhDs

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News from Faculty of Science and Technology

Receives award for innovation in computing

Professor Dimitrios G. Pavlou was recently awarded the prestigious Hojjat Adeli Award for Innovation in Computing.

Industry awards to energy students

Repsol and Vår Energi awarded a total of nine prizes and NOK 350,000 to bachelor and master students at UiS.

What does the energy industry need?

Researchers at University of Stavanger have asked the industry to define their education needs in the years to come.

Olympiad in Engineering Science summed up

Scientists and engineers from all over the world were gathered in Olympia in Greece to take part in the first ever engin...

Won prize for best PhD project

Huong Huynh finished her PhD project at University of Stavanger October 2021. Now her PhD thesis has been selected as Be...

From Ethiopia to UiS to study mechanical engineering

Three doctoral students and two master students share their experiences after one semester with engineering studies at t...

Won Innovation Award for master's students

On the 25th of October 2022, Izwan Ahmad was awarded the 2022 Innovation Awards for master’s students by Rogaland county...

First gas turbine powered by pure hydrogen

Researchers at the University of Stavanger (UiS) have managed to run a gas turbine on 100 percent hydrogen.

New centre for sustainable subsurface utilization

University of Stavanger with partners have been awarded the National Centre for Sustainable Utilization of Energy Resour...

100 million for a more climate-friendly aquaculture industry

A UiS-led investment in sustainable aquaculture receives almost NOK 100 million from the government's Green Platform Ini...

Looking towards 8 years of subsurface research

University of Stavanger, NORCE, IFE and University of Bergen are partners in an application for a new petrosenter, focus...

KATS will continue to work for tunnel safety improvements

In December 2020 the Research Council of Norway announced that KATS will receive funding for phase 2, and the project wi...

What's the role of bacteria in the gut of patients?

Could the bacteria in our guts help us improve cancer treatment? This is one of the key questions in a new research coll...

Top students win industry awards

Repsol, IKM Acona and Vår Energi awarded a total of nine prizes and NOK 275,000 to bachelor and master students at UiS. ...

New safety solutions for the wind sector

Master student Sharath Chandar Joghee is collaborating with the local company Energy Innovation to implement new safety ...

New possibilities for geosciences at UiS

The Department of Energy Resources at UiS is investing in new equipment and new research areas within geotechnics and ge...

How to store hydrogen in metal hydrides?

The University of Stavanger is investing in hydrogen research. Olena Zavorotynska is one of several researchers who, wit...

Research prize awarded to particle physicists and cosmologists

A young an amibitious research group received the Lyse Research Prize for 2019, having been recognized on the national a...

Great interest for Digital summer school

From 27.-31. July over 500 students from 142 institutions and 53 countries participated in the international summer scho...

Cognitive and behavioral neuroscience lab

The Cognitive Lab provides the natural sciences and research on cognition and artificial intelligence with a meeting pla...

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