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Search for scientific literature

The library can help you get scientific literature. We provide access to books as well as many electronic resources.

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Search and find

In Oria you can find books, journals, articles, and dissertations. Log in to reserve books that are not available in the library, or to request materials we do not have access to. Go to Oria.

You can find an overview of the databases we have access to in Oria. The overview is sorted by alphabet and by subject. Go to databases on Oria.

You get access to all e-books from our collection via Oria.

The university library e-book vendors:

  • Ebook Central: App. 200 000 e-books from various publishers. Create a private account to download e-books.

  • EBSCO: New e-book supplier where you will find e-books from various publishers. Create a private account to download e-books.

  • SpringerLink Books: App. 14 000 e-books

  • VLeBooks: App. 1400 e-books

Free e-books:

We have many journals in the library, and you can access our digital journals with remote access. In Oria you can search for journals both by title and ISSN.

With Browzine you can easily get an overview of the journals you need, and create your own, virtual bookshelf with the journals you want to read and keep track of.

You can find printed newspapers in the library, mostly in Norwegian.

Retriever (Atekst): Articles in full text from Norwegian newspapers and magazines.

Students at UiS can find their required reading in Canvas. You can also search for it in Leganto. Go to pensumliste-search.

In Brage UiS you can find scientific articles published at UiS. You can also find master thesis’s from UiS. Thesis’s older than 2009 is available in printed form in the library. Go to UiS Brage.

If you are looking for dissertations and published research from other institutions, you can check out this overview of open research archives in Brage. Here you can find dissertations and research published at NTNU, The University of Agder, SINTEF and more.

The University library have many printed standards available in the library. We also subscribe to several digital standards from Norsk Standard. Remember to use remote access if you want to access the standards when you are not on campus. Standards must be opened using Adobe Acrobat Reader, please try opening downloaded files from the "Downloads" folder if documents do not open automatically.

Discount on standards:

If you want to buy a certain Norwegian standard, students and staff at UiS can get 70% discount from Norsk Standard. Read more here.

Standard Norge, Norsk Elektroteknisk Komite and Standard Online AS also offer student subscriptions on reading access to the online editions of EN, IEC, ISO and IEC standards. This constitutes more than 50 000 valid standards. An annual student subscription costs 500 NOK.

Other standards:

Standardization in Norway: Information about the standardization on a national, European and international level. Catalogue of Norwegian standards and links to other standardization organizations.

Global IHS: Catalogue of standards from several international organizations, among others API, ASME and ASTM

NORSOK: Standards for the operations belonging to the Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority's field of operation.

  • Access to numerous dictionaries. Medical, financial and technical dictionaries; dictionary of foreign words or synonyms (Norwegian) ; bilingual dictionaries (Norwegian – English ; German ; French ; Spanish).


Norwegian and Scandinavian dictionaries

  • Bokmål / Nynorsk Dictionaries: The Section for Norwegian Lexicography and Dialectology in the Department for Scandinavian Languages and Comparative Literature (UiO) has collaborated with the Norwegian Universities' Documentation Project to offer a simplified electronic version of the most recent edition of the Bokmål Dictionary and the Nynorsk Dictionary.

  • Tvärslå: Free Nordic web dictionary. Developed by the Nordic collaboration project "Nordisk nätordbok" (Nordic Webdictionary). (To/from the Nordic languages plus English).


English dictionaries

 General works of reference:

  • Britannica Online: Contains Encyclopædia Britannica,  Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, the Britannica Book of the Year and Britannica's Internet Guide.

  • Europeana: Contains film clips, photographs, paintings, sculptures, maps, manuscripts, books, newspapers, archive materials and archaeological objects, provided by European cultural institutions.

Professional works of reference:

Encyclopaedias from SAGE:

Libguides: resources from your field of study

Not on campus?

With remote access you can access our electronic resources whether you are on campus or working remotely.

Request materials

Contact us if you are unable to find what you are looking for in Oria, and we will check to see if we can request it for you from a different library.

Borrow a librarian

Master or PhD student or a researcher at UiS? Borrow a librarian for guidance and help with a literature search for a larger thesis or research project.

Book suggestions?

Suggest literature that the library should have in our collection, and we will consider buying it.