Admission process for Master in Prehospital Critical Care

This includes more information regarding the admission process for Prehospital Critical Care (PHCC).

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Application process

Before applying

You need to meet the admission requirements to be considered for admission. Remember to prepare your documentation, as listed in the documentation requirements further down on this website.

Open for applications

We are open for applications through Søknadsweb between 5 January and 5 February. That means that your application must be registered within 5 February 23:59 (CET). When the application is registered in the system, you will receive an email. Remember to read the information in the email.

Uploading documents

You have to register your application in Søknadsweb and upload the required documents under «My documents» in Søknadsweb within the deadline. Remember to name the documents as listed in the documentation requirements. The deadline to upload new documents is 10 February. We cannot guarantee that any documents received after this date will be included in the evaluation. Remember to upload all of your documents as soon as possible after you have applied. If you have education from outside of Norway, please check our Country list, to ensure that you send in all necessary documentation correctly.

Application result

We send out the answer to the applications as soon as possible, when all has been processed. This is normally in March/April. If you receive an offer of study place or place on the waiting list, you must accept the place in Søknadsweb within the deadline to keep the place. The letter of admission will be sent via email and can be found under My documents in Søknadsweb. This has a lot of information, be sure to check the email. If you are an applicant with international background, we have a website with more information regarding practicalities as an international student coming to UiS.

Applying for accommodation and Visa?

We are not in charge of or included in the process regarding housing or visa. We recommend checking here for the visa process and here about accommodation for new students for the full-time programme.

Available places?

If there are any available places, we will post the study programme on Available studies for local admission. It will remain posted until the places are filled or the semester has started. We will not know in advance if there are available places, and recommend checking our website in April and during the rest of the summer.


If you have accepted a study place at UiS, but can no longer start the programme and wish to withdraw, we ask that you do this by sending us an email at with your application number and the study programme you wish to withdraw from.

Tuition fees

From the academic year 2023/2024, non-EU/EEA citizens are required to pay tuition fees at the University of Stavanger. Read more on Tuition fees for international students.

Documentation requirements

All documentation has to be uploaded as PDF-files. We do not accept documents via e-mail unless explicitly requested by us. We do not accept Word, PNG, JPG, ZIP or RAR files, only PDF.

Applicants must document a Bachelor in Paramedic sciences, Bachelor in nursing or Medical degree (physician).

Applicants with higher education from Norway, may have it registered digitally. If you have this digitally, with the degree and all courses, you will not need to upload Vitnemålet.

Applicants that don't have it digitally, must upload the entire diploma and transcript of records from the degree.
Check the country list if there is extra information that is relevant for your application. Documentation of higher education from some countries must be sent in through mail, as well as uploading it to Søknadsweb.
If we do not receive the official documentation in the correct way, it may result in a rejection of your application.

Name the documents to make the content clear, such as "Bachelor TOR" and "Bachelor diploma"

Applicants with a degree in paramedic science or nursing must have at least two years post- qualification experience in prehospital emergency care.
Applicants with a completed Medical degree (physician) must have worked as a doctor for at least two years within prehospital emergency medicine after completed education.
Work experience must be full-time or equivalent to two years full-time.

Relevant work experience within prehospital emergency care may include:

  • Nurse/paramedic/ambulance worker/physician in an ambulance service (car, air, boat ambulance, or similar).
  • Nurse/paramedic/ambulance worker/physician in health care services outside of hospital that offer emergency medical care. Example of this can be health care services that go out on emergency calls.
  • Nurse/paramedic/ambulance worker/physician in a dispatch central (AMK-sentral)

Administrative work without contact with patients will not meet the requirement.

The following information must be stated on the documentation of work practice:

  • Job title and description of work tasks
  • Work position percentage, any extra hours and leaves.
  • Start and end date (If the certificate doesn't have an end date, the certificate must be issued in the same year as you apply to admission and be marked "to date" or equivalent, for the period in question)
  • Date of certificate issuance.
  • Signature and work title from the issuer (inked signature or e-signature)

Name the document "Work certificate [company]", e.g. Work Certificate-Halliburton. If you have multiple documents from same or similar companies, please include the year in the document title.

There is no requirement for Norwegian proficiency for studies taught in English, but there is a requirement for a higher level in English proficiency.

Check our website for language requirements for more information under Studies taught in English.

Name the document "English".

Applicants with completed upper secondary school from Norway, may have it registered digitally in the National Certificate Database (NVB) (link in Norwegian). If you have it digitally, you will not need to upload this document.

For applicants that do not have this digitally from Norway, you must upload the documents.

If your name is stated differently on your documents, you must then document the change of name certificate. Name the document "Name-change"

From 2023 all applicants should upload their valid passport or national ID showing their citizenship. Upload the page with photograph and name of your passport. The passport/ ID card must be valid at the time of applying.


If you have any questions regarding the application or the admission process, please contact Any questions regarding the study programme can be directed to

Read more about the study programme