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Releasing the Power of Users

A project focusing on the health care sector and how to amplify the voice of the users when applying digital technology.

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About the project

At a time when there is growing recognition of Global Challenges, responsible research and innovation (RRI) is suggested as a way to govern innovation development to address challenges populations face, such as poverty, inequality, aging population and availability of quality healthcare.

informed involved innovation

Such principles suggest a broader stakeholder inclusion into the decision-making process, anticipation of societal needs and reflection of concerns, which calls for new innovation policies.

1 million EUROS over 4 years

Our project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council and aims to develop and extend the Responsible Research and innovation (RRI) and the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) frameworks to make them accessible and useful tools for practitioners.

It focuses on the inclusion of diverse users in innovation processes and creating of innovative eco-system where stakeholders in the e-health sector - system integrators, municipalities, healthcare professionals, small and start-up entrepreneurs and end users, can co-create innovations together in a “safe spaces” within which experimentation, prototyping, learning from “intelligent failure” can take place.

Focus and Impact

Digital technologies open up opportunities for change. Digitalization of healthcare allows empowering patients to shape and direct the technologies in their own interests. New technologies empower the patient to become a part of innovation process.
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In our project, we found a new type of user distributed across a spectrum in terms of their willingness and their capability for involvement in innovation and implementation of new ideas:

  1. the 'informed patient', equipped to use technology based on improved understanding;
  2. the 'involved patient', playing an active role within a wider healthcare delivery system and enabled to do so by technology;
  3. the 'innovating patient', providing ideas of their own based on their deep understanding of their healthcare issue.

In this project, we aim to go deeper into the new type of user, to understand how responsible innovation in digital technologies can mobilize the knowledge and resources in each user, enabling them to play a larger role in the emerging new health paradigm. 

We employ diverse methods, including surveys, interviews, longitudinal case studies and action-based methods (interventions) in this project.

This project develop new forms of interaction where authorities, public agencies in the research and innovation system, companies and civil society come together as partners to engage with societal challenges within healthcare.

Our project suggest a demonstration facility bridging users with innovative firms and with broader eco-system. Secondly, we develop and test a set of scalable techniques allowing wider implementation of inclusive and responsible innovation in welfare technologies, including user-centred engagement and corporate reporting/ accounting practices for enhanced responsibility.

By engaging the broader eco-system in the co-creation of innovations, which create both social and commercial value, we would develop a template for RRI that offers the potential for creating radical innovations, which have significant economic potential and address societal challenges

News & Events

Who concerns fire protection?

Webinar (in Norwegian) 20.04.2021

First kick-off meeting

in Stavanger on th 5 - 6th of November 2019

10 million NOK granted

The project has received funding from the Norwegian Research Council

The NEON conference

(in Norwegian)

Work Packages

Work Package 1

Understanding user’s side

Work Package 2

Creating boundary innovation space

Work Package 3

Enabling the ecosystem

Work Package 4

Open learning arena

Project contact

Project leader
Elin Merethe Oftedal



+47 992 30 994

Elin M. Oftedal
Tatiana A. Iakovleva

Professor Previous project leder (temporarily on leave).


+47 976 26 214

Tatiana A. Iakovleva
Lead partner
University of Stavanger Business School

Ullandhaug Campus E-mail: Phone: +47 518 31 555

Administrative contact:

Adviser Åse Lea E-mail:

Research Team & Partners

External and supporting partners

AFINO Research Centre

Network and learning centre for responsible research and innovation in Norway

Norwegian Smart Care Cluster

A national and international collaboration hub for companies, healthcare providers, R&D institutions and financials players

Living Labs

UnternehmerTUM in Germany and Citizen Lab in the Netherlands

15 Researchers

2 Post docs

2 PhD candidates

6 Countries

7 Research institutions

3 Affiliated Companies


Samansvar - Program on Responsible Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility