Bjergsted Brass Festival – Solo and chamber concert

Saturday 23 September 2023 17:30-19:00,
St. Petri Kirke, Stavanger.

Free entrance.

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Bjergsted Brass Festival 2023 invites you to a solist and chamber concert in St. Petri Church, Saturday 23rd of September.

Different chamber groups from the festivals weekend-class are playing, in addition to Genghis Barbie Horn Quartet and Sola Brass Band with guest solists Owen Farr at tenor horn and a solist on cornet (TBA).

Plakat Bjergsted Brass Festival. Brass-musikerer på strand

Bjergsted Brass Festival is every year in week 39, and is a collaboration project between the Faculty of Performing Arts at UiS, Stavanger culture school, Stavanger symphony orchestra, Stavanger Cathedral school and Vågen's music programs, NSF Rogaland (Association for symphonic bands and ensembles), and the ideal organisation Bjergsted trombonelaug.

This years topic is «Small Brass». Read more about the festival and concerts here (in Norwegian).

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