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Latest news from UiS

Findings from Sensory Books project presented at the ECRO XXXIII conference

Dr Laura Speed, Assistant Professor at Radboud University and the project Advisory Board Member, presented findings from...

Seed Funding – Green Transition

In order to increase cross-faculty research collaboration and boost green transition topics within the education offered...

UiS must cut costs - does it affect me as a student?

The University of Stavanger does not escape cuts and tougher economic conditions. But as a student, you should hardly no...

Teaching students how to use AI

Acquiring proficiency in AI technology will be pivotal in the future job market. At the University of Stavanger Business...

New offer for students with Norwegian as a second language

Students who have Norwegian as a second language will now be offered extended academic guidance during their first semes...

Will study children's cognitive functioning with low-magnetic MRI machine

A portable, low-magnetic MRI machine gives researchers an indication of whether a child is going to follow typical or at...

Accompanying the teacher ‘into’ the classroom

In the INTERACT research project, teachers receive guidance from their own specially trained coaches. “I am lucky to be ...

Initiating multisensory reading research collaborations between Turku and Stavanger

In the months of August and September, professor Natalia Kucirkova had the pleasure to visit the University of Turku as ...

Combining art and science in a film project on the ethical challenges of the Green Transition

The artist Hans Baumann has received a Fulbright-scholarship to spend four months at the University of Stavanger working...

Drama is key to succesful longterm collaboration

Even with travelling restrictions during the pandemic and troubled times in Nablus and the West Bank; The Erasmus+ excha...

A research project to make teaching more engaging

Teacher Olaug Ueland receives feedback on her teaching from a personal coach. The goal is to make interaction with the p...

Early voting on campus

Students, employees and other residents have the opportunity to cast their early vote on campus Ullandhaug on Monday 28 ...

HelseCampus announces call for seed funding

From 21. August 2023 research and innovation projects within the three strategic focus areas simulation, integration of ...

Prestigious EU grant for Health Services Research

Researchers at the University of Stavanger have received 6 million euros from the prestigious EU research program Horizo...

Receives award for innovation in computing

Professor Dimitrios G. Pavlou was recently awarded the prestigious Hojjat Adeli Award for Innovation in Computing.

Ingvil Hellstrand Wins Award for Dissemination and Societal engagement

The UiS researcher moves elegantly between equal opportunities and gender diversity, welfare and caring sciences researc...

The mayor's speech at the semester opening

Mayor Kari Nessa Nordtun welcomed new students to the Stavanger-region.

UiS-students with Jazz School for children

Do you know any children or youths who'd like to learn jazz? This Jazz School is run by the jazz students from UiS Facul...

Rektors tale til studentane ved semesterstart 2023

Rector Klaus Mohn welcomed the students to a new academic year during the opening ceremony at Campus Ullandhaug today. R...

New resource available for history students

The library now gives you access to a new online resource for students in history and related fields.

Concerts and Performances

Employees and students at the Faculty of Performing Arts host up to 200 concerts and performances per year. Here is an o...

Signe Østrem Furre is the newest member of eHealth@H2H research team

She joins the existing team of nurses who have developed and are testing the nurse assisted digital application that aim...

Rune Dahl Fitjar is the new head of the Center for Innovation Research

Fitjar is a professor in innovation studies and comes from the position of Vice-Rector for Innovation and Society at the...

10 million NOK for research on under-explored marine resources

Environmental changes from generation to generation aren’t always visible. A new research project exploring natural reso...

Cecilia inspires youth in Bolivia to make music

My summer job: The flute student works voluntary with arranging seminars in her home country during the summers

Industry awards to energy students

Repsol and Vår Energi awarded a total of nine prizes and NOK 350,000 to bachelor and master students at UiS.

Join a writing group for master's students

The Study Lab offers writing groups where master's students can receive feedback on their master's thesis.

What does the energy industry need?

Researchers at University of Stavanger have asked the industry to define their education needs in the years to come.

Reducing nurses’ workload with exoskeletons

Students and researchers at UiS are convinced that exoskeletons can be a useful aid for operating room nurses during lon...

Gitte created a unique university library

Gitte Kolstrup has transformed Stavanger University Library (UBiS) into a unique library with color palettes, floral wal...

New Program Advisory Board for MSc in Business Administration established

In order to improve the quality and relevance of the MSc in Business Administration program, UiS Business School has est...

Why can't ChatGPT just write my paper?

Since the fall of 2022, we’ve seen ChatGPT and similar AI-based programs become increasingly popular. Consequently, ther...

Olympiad in Engineering Science summed up

Scientists and engineers from all over the world were gathered in Olympia in Greece to take part in the first ever engin...

Joanna offers students free guidance at the library

Joanna sought help from a student mentor when she struggled with her own bachelor's thesis. Now she helps other students...

- We will continue to run the country's best library

Rune Sørsdal has been hired as the new library director at Stavanger University Library.

Syllabus books are now available for one-day loans

Syllabus books for one-day loans will be found on separate shelves, making it easier to find the book you are looking fo...

Become a teaching assistant at UiS Business School!

We are looking for talented and motivated students who want to combine their studies with a job during fall 2023. The ap...

Join UiS, Stavanger and the rest of Norway in the celebration of 17 May!

Put on your best clothes, wave flags with UiS in the parade and take part in the unique and traditional celebration!

A Care Strategy for caregivers and care receivers by the EU

During the conference “From Knowledge to Action – the role of carers is changing?” in Oslo on March 16 Stecy Yghemonos h...

Simulating the future

The Faculty of Health Sciences at UiS organized the course “Simulation-based learning in nursing education” from April 1...

Upcoming events

UiS Business School Seminar: Buyback option pricing in rural old regime France

Wed. 04.10.2023


Elise Ottesen-Jensens Hus
EOJ 276/277

Language café in the library

Wed. 04.10.2023


Universitetsbiblioteket, Campus Ullandhaug

Researcher breakfast, UiS IRN: Empowering Research for a Stronger University

Thu. 05.10.2023


Universitetsbiblioteket, Campus Ullandhaug

Waffle Thursday at UiS Bjergsted with the student chaplain

Thu. 05.10.2023


Campus Bjergsted

UiS Business School Seminar: The (un)importance of school assignment

Fri. 06.10.2023


Elise Ottesen-Jensens hus
EOJ 276/277

Language café in the library

Wed. 11.10.2023


Universitetsbiblioteket, Campus Ullandhaug

Concert with Bjergsted Wind Ensemble and the conducting students

Thu. 12.10.2023


Campus Bjergsted

Organ Night with Flute students from UiS

Sat. 14.10.2023


Stavanger konserthus
Fartein Valen

Disputation for Daniel Alvestad

Mon. 16.10.2023


Kjølv Egelands hus

Open Science for dummies - defining and mythbusting

Tue. 17.10.2023


Universitetsbiblioteket, campus Ullandhaug

Introduction to EndNote

Wed. 18.10.2023


University library, the library course room
KE A-253

UiS Business School Seminar: How Uncertainty Shapes the Spatial Economy

Wed. 18.10.2023


Elise Ottesen-Jensens Hus
EOJ 276/277

Language café in the library

Wed. 18.10.2023


Universitetsbiblioteket, Campus Ullandhaug

Open your research to the public - Why publish and share your scholarly writings openly?

Thu. 19.10.2023


Universitetsbiblioteket, campus Ullandhaug

Ensemble concert with the Cello students

Sat. 21.10.2023


Campus Bjergsted

Autumn concert with the cello students

Tue. 24.10.2023


Campus Bjergsted

PhD skills course: Presenting Science Visually

Wed. 25.10 09:30

thu. 26.10 15:30

Arne Rettedalshus

Språkkafé/Language café in the library

Wed. 25.10.2023


Universitetsbiblioteket, Campus Ullandhaug

Chamber music concert, part I

Tue. 31.10.2023


Campus Bjergsted

UiS Business School Seminar: The Birth of a Multinational: Innovation and Foreign Acquisitions

Wed. 01.11.2023


Elise Ottesen-Jensens Hus
EOJ 276/277

Webinar: Introduction to open research

Thu. 02.11.2023


Webinar på Teams

Waffle Thursday at UiS Bjergsted with the student chaplain

Thu. 02.11.2023


Campus Bjergsted

Learning Environment Committee meeting 15.11.2023

Wed. 15.11.2023


Arne Rettedals hus, Campus Ullandhaug
AR T-401 (Styrerom)

UiS Business School Seminar: Product ratings and externalities

Wed. 15.11.2023


Elise Ottesen-Jensens Hus
EOJ 276/277

SHARE autumn seminar 2023: The future of quality and safety in healthcare - emerging topics and possible solutions

Tue. 21.11.2023


Ydalir Campus Hotel, Telegrafdirektør Heftyes vei 99, 4021 Stavanger (htps://

NIKT 2023

Mon. 27.11 09:00

thu. 30.11 16:00

University of Stavanger

COTech 2023 Conference

Thu. 30.11 09:00

fri. 01.12 16:00

University of Stavanger

Webinar: Sharing and archiving data

Thu. 30.11.2023



Concert with Bjergsted Vocal Ensemble

Thu. 30.11.2023


Campus Bjergsted

PhD Skills Course: On Stage - voice, body, language and nerves

Wed. 06.12 09:00

thu. 07.12 12:30

UiS Campus
HL U-206

Is the Smart City loosing traction – and what may come next?

Wed. 06.12 09:00

thu. 07.12 16:00

Radisson Blu Atlantic

Waffle Thursday at UiS Bjergsted with the student chaplain

Thu. 07.12.2023


Campus Bjergsted

Christmas Concert with the vocal students

Sun. 10.12.2023


Skur 2

The University of Stavanger's Christmas Concert

Sat. 16.12.2023


St. Petri kirke, Stavanger

Latest research news

Assessing a nurse-assisted eHealth intervention

This article describes the second major phase of an intervention designed to enhance patient experiences during the crit...

What do patients say a future eHealth service needs?

The use of digital apps and wearables to track our health information is on the rise. Thus, eHealth is a resource that m...

Designing a future eHealth service for posthospitalization self-management support

A new study describes important aspects in the development of a digital follow-up service for patients in need of long-t...

Teachers bullying children – a global problem

All over the world, children are being bullied by adults in school. New research now shows that these students could als...

Can blueberries prevent dementia?

Drinking juice with a lot of antioxidants, for example from blueberries, can be beneficial in preventing dementia. New r...

Posthospitalization follow-up of patients with heart failure using eHealth solutions

This review suggests that patients with heart failure should receive prompt follow-up after hospitalization, and eHealth...

This invention produces electricity from marine and riverine currents

Researchers at UiS have developed an energy converter that creates electricity from sea currents and river flows.

Countries that do well in the PISA assessment have one thing in common

The most common thing about countries that are 'successful' in PISA, is a higher level of gender equality in the populat...

Norwegian-led research project on childbirth and newborn resuscitation can save 25,000 lives annually in Tanzania

After completing their PhD-projects on childbirth and newborn resuscitation at the University of Stavanger, the four Tan...

Ethics in research

UiS is responsible for research conducted at the university being performed in accordance with laws and existing standar...

In the core of a neutron star

How can the established theory of particle physics, the Standard Model, be used to predict the material properties of th...

All tomorrows parties

The artistic research dance project All Tomorrows Parties by Brynjar Åbel Bandlien aims to investigate the impact that t...

Integrated solar panels in walls and roofs can be efficient power sources

“Norway’s cold climate is very suitable for building-integrated photovoltaics,” says researcher Hassan Gholami. He compl...

The «Forskningsdagene» Research Festival

The research festival Forskningsdagene is a national, annual ten-day festival under the auspices of the Research Council...

Impact case: Breast Cancer School

UiS researchers at the Faculty of Health has identified the urgent need to develop an educational program for Breast Can...

Nominate for the University Fund’s Presentation and Community Involvement Award

The objective of the prize is to promote outstanding presentation and community involvement at the University of Stavang...

Burden of treatment in patients with chronic heart failure

In this new paper, researcher at the University of Stavanger explore the associations between burden of treatment, psych...

Easier to say recovery than to do recovery

Health and social services in Norway have adapted recovery as base for the mental health and substance use services. Res...

Back to Blood: Pursuing a future from the Norse Past

Why are Vikings and the Norse past increasingly popular?

Bettina Smith: The Artist's Secret

We congratulate Professor Bettina Smith on her new release. Together with pianist Jan Willem Nelleke, Smith has released...

Occupational health services should have an active role in alcohol prevention

Research shows that occupational health services may be an abeyant asset for alcohol prevention, but need competence, ti...

14 recommendations for a successful disputation

A disputation, the public defence of a PhD candidate’s thesis, is a serious matter. How can you prepare as best as possi...

Universities must take a leading role in regional development

Not all regions are like Silicon Valley, and not all universities can or should be like Stanford. Universities play vari...

The importance of religion in encounters with death at work

How do migrant nursing home staff relate to religion in their work with patients who are approaching death?

Who has the most and the least stressful jobs?

A study showed that 15 % of the employees had high-strain jobs. Being female, having low education level, doing shift wo...

Extended individual placement and support (IPS) contributed to participation in job and education

With an expanded model for IPS, 63% of people with severe mental illness who were unemployed found a job or started educ...

Employees with high alcohol consumption may experience impaired work performance

A review of research conducted on more than 92 000 employees in 15 countries suggests that employees characterized by hi...

Midway assessment

All PhD candidates enrolled in the PhD-program in the Social Sciences must go through a midway assessment.

Impact case: The Agder Project

UiS researchers have developed and tested a structured play-based curriculum for children at their last year of preschoo...

Became editor of the highest impact factor journal in Civil Engineering

Professor Dimitrios Pavlou at Department of Mechanical and Structural Engineering and Materials Science recently became ...

Children need self-regulation to learn

According to a new study, there is a strong link between self-regulation and mathematical skills in Norwegian children. ...

Co- creating choreographic-pedagogic entanglements through a dance project in primary school

The entanglement of choreographic and pedagogic practices is the theme of the PhD project of Mari Flønes at The Faculty ...

Jazz on the Line: Improvisation in Practice

A book project about improvisation, by Petter Frost Fadnes (Routledge, 2020)

Perceived emotional support from the teacher is associated with higher achievement in reading

A recent Norwegian study shows strong associations between first grade students feeling liked and respected by their tea...

Four signs that your toddler is (about to become) a reader*

Do you read for your toddler? Have you noticed that toddlers that are used to being read to, already have learned a lot ...

Recent PhD thesis: Great potential in letting pupils read demanding literature

When secondary school pupils read demanding fiction, they become engaged by the difficult nature of the texts, and appro...

Internal series from UiS

UiS publishes two internal series: Reports from the University of Stavanger and Notes from the University of Stavang...

Developing simulation training using 360 ° video

360ViSi is an international collaborative project with the aim of developing innovative learning methodologies in health...

The use of personal life stories in care work

The project "Life Sheet" maps the use of patients’ personal life stories as part of care work practices in nursing homes...

Can remote ultrasound training be as effective as standard classroom training?

How can we organize ultrasound training in a pandemic situation and across national borders? Researchers at the Universi...