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Latest news from UiS

Who has been important for your learning environment the last year?

Is it a group or a singular person who has made a special effort to make your everyday study life better? Then you shoul...

Lykketreff - a meeting between students and businesses

Master's students at the Department of Media and Social Sciences have the opportunity to do an internship through an ele...

Kaleidoscope - a successful festival from the SV faculty

The SV Faculty organised Kaleidoscope for the first time this week. A great festival day with good content at Sølvberget...

Prestigious grant for research in medieval English

Professor Merja Stenroos has been awarded the most prestigious grant from the EU, the European Research Council (ERC) Ad...

PhD course: Introduction to Meta-Analysis

Registration deadline is 29 April. The course is for doctoral students, and is organized by the Knowledge Center for Edu...

Presented abstract at Nordic conference

Radel James Gacumo, on behalf of the Sensory Books project, participated in the Nordic Educational Research Association ...

Innovation projects receive seed funding from HelseCampus

Four projects which all aim to contribute to a sustainable healthcare service have been awarded seed funding from HelseC...

The Greenhouse Centre’s permafrost expert invited to ‘first of its kind’ workshop in Paris

Charlotte Wrigley attends 'Thinking Through Permafrost' workshop

Animesh Chatterjee brings the Greenhouse and ICOHTEC in dialogue

Chatterjee elected on the Executive Committee of the International Committee for the History of Technology

Ola Kvaløy Appointed to Committee on Circular Economy

The government is establishing an expert group to examine measures for reducing resource use and contributing to a more ...

Indoor heating off for Easter

The university needs to shut down the heating in many buildings on the Ullandhaug campus as of 5:00 PM on Thursday, Marc...

Global State of Patient Safety 2023 – Supporting Leaders

At a time when healthcare is at a crossroads, the "Global State of Patient Safety 2023 – Supporting Leaders" seminar hos...

The Centre for Innovation Research Established for an Additional Five Years

The operational term of the existing centre concluded on December 31, 2023. The application for the re-establishment of ...

Oslo University Hospital is a new partner in SHARE

As a new partner, Section for Acute and Pre-hospital care at Oslo University Hospital strengthens research on prehospita...

Kaleidoskop - a festival from The Faculty of Social Sciences

Kaleidoskop is a festival that focuses on important events, life changes and critical perspectives. By presenting differ...

Chamber music competition 2024

Welcome to the Faculty of Performing Arts annual chamber music competition. The competition takes place on Friday 22 Ma...

Join a writing group for master's students

The library organises writing groups for students writing a master's thesis.

Sustainability research is now available to everyone

A new service that makes it easier for anyone to find and read Norwegian research related to the UN’s sustainable develo...

- This is my favorite place on campus

UiS student Camilla Sleire has found her favorite place.

Doctoral thesis on how students' mindsets affect learning outcomes

Elin Svensen defended her Ph.D. in sociology, social work, culture, and society at the Faculty of Social Sciences on Dec...

New one-year program in Business and Management

Interested in trying out business studies? Now you can take a one-year program in business and management at the Univers...

What influences nurses' career choices?

Leaders who support, listen to, and value their staff are extremely important for nurses' ambitions regarding further ca...

New evidence for quark matter cores in massive neutron stars

Researchers at the University of Stavanger are now one step closer to finding out what is in the core of neutron stars. ...

Together for a Sustainable Future of Quality and Safety

SHARE - Center for Resilience in Healthcare recently hosted an international seminar titled “The future of quality and s...

New research project: What creates good cooperation between kindergartens and multilingual parents?

What factors make the relationship work well between the kindergarten and multilingual parents? A forthcoming, systemati...

Associate professor of KCE appointed new member of editorial board

Melissa Bond, associate professor 2 at the Knowledge Center for Education, has been appointed as a member of the editori...

Fire in Student accommodations

Students have been affected by the fire that occurred in the student accommodations at Stareveien in Sandal Sunday, Dece...

Gathering International Researchers at Sola

SHARE – Center for Resilience in Healthcare at UiS is hosting Resilient Health Care Society’s summer conference at Sola ...

Researching the unnoticed connections between petroculture and cultural heritage

Professor Dolly Jørgensen has won funding to research the links between cultural heritage and petrocultures and their co...

Renowned archaeologist David Wengrow holds the first Henrik Steffens Lecture

The University of Stavanger is proud to announce the launch of a new annual lecture series, the Henrik Steffens Lecture....

Students competed for the best consulting report.

Once again this year, students in the course "Economics of Motivation" had the opportunity to work as consultants in t...

– Parents can play a major role in the work to prevent cyberbullying

A new international research project will determine whether parents can have a more important role to play than previous...

New rights retention strategy gives researchers greater rights

The University of Stavanger has introduced a new rights retention strategy for employees in order to achieve the goal of...

ECIU University issues e-sealed micro-credentials

In a historic European first, the European university alliance is rolling out centralized, tamper-proof micro-credential...

UiS stands in solidarity with the victims of the war in the Middle East

Statement from Rector Klaus Mohn and the academic community at the University of Stavanger.

The library answers your questions on Open Science

Assuring free access to scientific findings is the essence of Open Science. There are multiple ways of opening your rese...

They help hundreds of researchers each year

Elin, Linda, and John David at the Stavanger University Library are passionate about research being open and transparent...

Organizes seminar on the future of quality and safety in healthcare

SHARE – Center for Resilience in Healthcare is hosting an international seminar titled “The future of quality and safety...

Findings from Sensory Books project presented at the ECRO XXXIII conference

Dr Laura Speed, Assistant Professor at Radboud University and the project Advisory Board Member, presented findings from...

Seed Funding – Green Transition 2024

In order to increase cross-faculty research collaboration and boost green transition topics within the education offered...

Upcoming events

Shall We Read? Shared Reading at the Bjergsted library

Mon. 22.04.2024


Universitetsbiblioteket, campus Bjergsted

Greenhouse online environmental humanities book talks series: "How the earth feels" by Dana Luciano

Mon. 22.04.2024



Webinar: Introduction to data management plans (DMPs)

Tue. 23.04.2024



Centre for application driven AI: energy, health and education

Tue. 23.04.2024


University of Stavanger

Caring science - the heart of multi-professional care

Wed. 24.04 08:00

thu. 25.04 14:30

The Faculty of Health Sciences at The University of Stavanger

Multispecies Histories: Perspectives from Finland

Wed. 24.04.2024


Hulda Garbogs hus
HG N-106

Introduction to Asset Performance Forecasting

Thu. 25.04.2024


Kjølv Egelands hus, UiS Ullandhaug Campus
C-285 (Asset Lab)

Centre for Innovation Research Seminar: The long-term impact of church activity on social capital – lessons from post-war Czechoslovakia

Thu. 25.04.2024


Elise Ottesen-Jensens hus
EOJ 276/277

Cell migration and morphogenesis in viscoelastic matrices

Fri. 26.04.2024


Måltidets Hus (i7)
"Hos Ingrid"

Greenhouse online environmental humanities book talks series: "Silicon Valley and the Environmental Inequalities of High-Tech Urbanism" by Jason Heppler

Mon. 29.04.2024



Webinar: Sharing and archiving data

Tue. 30.04.2024



Shut up & write for PhDs

Thu. 02.05.2024


Universitetsbiblioteket, Studieverkstedet

Researcher Breakfast: Incredible Diatoms - Oxygen-Producers, Silicon-Hunters, and Carbon-Keepers

Thu. 02.05.2024


Universitetsbiblioteket, campus Ullandhaug

The journey from traditional to smart urban communities

Mon. 06.05.2024


KE A-259

Greenhouse online environmental humanities book talks series: "Subjunctive Aesthetics" by Carolyn Fornoff

Mon. 06.05.2024



Webinar: Open access publishing of journal articles

Tue. 07.05.2024



UiS School of Business and Law Seminar: The Amazon Forest Fire – Export-Induced Deforestation

Wed. 08.05.2024


Elise Ottesen-Jensens building, University of Stavanger
EOJ 276/277

Recognizing and reconstructing Ochre lifeworlds

Wed. 08.05.2024


Hulda Garborgs hus
HG N-106

Greenhouse online environmental humanities book talks series: "The Graft Hybrid" by Matthew Holmes

Mon. 13.05.2024



Drop-in for Erasmus+ Exchange autumn 2024

Wed. 15.05.2024


International Office, Kitty Kielland building 3rd floor
KK S-344

UiS School of Business and Law Seminar: Explicit Gender Discrimination

Wed. 22.05.2024


Elise Ottesen-Jensens building, University of Stavanger
EOJ 276/277

"Waterscapes in Literary Education": Panel Discussion

Wed. 22.05.2024


Hulda Garborgs hus and online
HG O-101

Book club – Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

Wed. 22.05.2024


University library

Greenhouse online environmental humanities book talks series: "Climate Change and International History" by Ruth A. Morgan

Mon. 27.05.2024



Nordic Rheology Conference 2024

Wed. 29.05 10:00

fri. 31.05 16:00

University of Stavanger

UiS School of Business and Law Seminar: The creation and diffusion of knowledge – Evidence from the jet age

Wed. 29.05.2024


Elise Ottesen-Jensens building, University of Stavanger
EOJ 276/277

Shut up & write for PhDs

Thu. 30.05.2024


Universitetsbiblioteket, Studieverkstedet

UiS School of Business and Law Seminar: What Drives Media Bias?

Wed. 05.06.2024


Elise Ottesen-Jensens building, University of Stavanger
EOJ 276/277

Resilient Health Care Society Summer Meeting

Sun. 09.06 15:00

thu. 13.06 10:00

Sola Beach Hotel

Experimental Finance Conference 2024

Mon. 10.06 09:00

thu. 13.06 16:00

University of Stavanger

HyTack summer school

Tue. 18.06 08:30

fri. 21.06 17:45

Hybrid on-line / off-line event

UiS School of Business and Law Seminar: Moral Balancing

Wed. 04.09.2024


Elise Ottesen-Jensens building, University of Stavanger
EOJ 276/277

KÅKÅnomics 2024

Wed. 23.10 12:00

sat. 26.10 23:59


Norway Summit 2024 – The Next Move

Wed. 23.10 12:00

sat. 26.10 23:59


Latest research news

The impermanence of permafrost: learning how to be discontinuous

Earth Ice Bone Blood by Charlotte Wrigley

Why get involved in a research study?

Doctors and surgeons from Stavanger University Hospital participate in the eHealth @ Hospital-2-Home project. This blog ...

Protocol for the randomised control trial

The eHealth@hospital-2-home-project has published the protocol for the randomised control trial of the nurse-assisted eH...

The impact of nurse assisted digital intervention on the participants family members

Master’s research in the eHealth@Hospital-2-Home project explores the impact of the nurse assisted digital health interv...

New evidence for quark matter cores in massive neutron stars

Researchers at the University of Stavanger are now one step closer to finding out what is in the core of neutron stars. ...

What being involved in a research project is like as intensive care nurses in Norway

Linn Tjemsland and Linn Elisabeth Furseth are both intensive care nurses who work in the cardiac intermediate unit at St...

Bettina Ebert has received eight million NOK to research medieval adhesives

Conservator Bettina Ebert at the Museum of Archaeology has been awarded eight million by the Research Council of Norway....

Assessing a nurse-assisted eHealth intervention

This article describes the second major phase of an intervention designed to enhance patient experiences during the crit...

What do patients say a future eHealth service needs?

The use of digital apps and wearables to track our health information is on the rise. Thus, eHealth is a resource that m...

Designing a future eHealth service for posthospitalization self-management support

A new study describes important aspects in the development of a digital follow-up service for patients in need of long-t...

Teachers bullying children – a global problem

All over the world, children are being bullied by adults in school. New research now shows that these students could als...

Can blueberries prevent dementia?

Drinking juice with a lot of antioxidants, for example from blueberries, can be beneficial in preventing dementia. New r...

Posthospitalization follow-up of patients with heart failure using eHealth solutions

This review suggests that patients with heart failure should receive prompt follow-up after hospitalization, and eHealth...

This invention produces electricity from marine and riverine currents

Researchers at UiS have developed an energy converter that creates electricity from sea currents and river flows.

Countries that do well in the PISA assessment have one thing in common

The most common thing about countries that are 'successful' in PISA, is a higher level of gender equality in the populat...

Norwegian-led research project on childbirth and newborn resuscitation can save 25,000 lives annually in Tanzania

After completing their PhD-projects on childbirth and newborn resuscitation at the University of Stavanger, the four Tan...

Ethics in research

UiS is responsible for research conducted at the university being performed in accordance with laws and existing standar...

In the core of a neutron star

How can the established theory of particle physics, the Standard Model, be used to predict the material properties of th...

All tomorrows parties

The artistic research dance project All Tomorrows Parties by Brynjar Åbel Bandlien aims to investigate the impact that t...

Integrated solar panels in walls and roofs can be efficient power sources

“Norway’s cold climate is very suitable for building-integrated photovoltaics,” says researcher Hassan Gholami. He compl...

Impact case: Breast Cancer School

UiS researchers at the Faculty of Health has identified the urgent need to develop an educational program for Breast Can...

Burden of treatment in patients with chronic heart failure

In this new paper, researcher at the University of Stavanger explore the associations between burden of treatment, psych...

Easier to say recovery than to do recovery

Health and social services in Norway have adapted recovery as base for the mental health and substance use services. Res...

Back to Blood: Pursuing a future from the Norse Past

Why are Vikings and the Norse past increasingly popular?

Bettina Smith: The Artist's Secret

We congratulate Professor Bettina Smith on her new release. Together with pianist Jan Willem Nelleke, Smith has released...

Occupational health services should have an active role in alcohol prevention

Research shows that occupational health services may be an abeyant asset for alcohol prevention, but need competence, ti...

14 recommendations for a successful disputation

A disputation, the public defence of a PhD candidate’s thesis, is a serious matter. How can you prepare as best as possi...

Universities must take a leading role in regional development

Not all regions are like Silicon Valley, and not all universities can or should be like Stanford. Universities play vari...

The importance of religion in encounters with death at work

How do migrant nursing home staff relate to religion in their work with patients who are approaching death?

Who has the most and the least stressful jobs?

A study showed that 15 % of the employees had high-strain jobs. Being female, having low education level, doing shift wo...

Extended individual placement and support (IPS) contributed to participation in job and education

With an expanded model for IPS, 63% of people with severe mental illness who were unemployed found a job or started educ...

Employees with high alcohol consumption may experience impaired work performance

A review of research conducted on more than 92 000 employees in 15 countries suggests that employees characterized by hi...

Midway assessment

All PhD candidates enrolled in the PhD-program in the Social Sciences must go through a midway assessment.

Impact case: The Agder Project

UiS researchers have developed and tested a structured play-based curriculum for children at their last year of preschoo...

Became editor of the highest impact factor journal in Civil Engineering

Professor Dimitrios Pavlou at Department of Mechanical and Structural Engineering and Materials Science recently became ...

Children need self-regulation to learn

According to a new study, there is a strong link between self-regulation and mathematical skills in Norwegian children. ...

Co- creating choreographic-pedagogic entanglements through a dance project in primary school

The entanglement of choreographic and pedagogic practices is the theme of the PhD project of Mari Flønes at The Faculty ...

Jazz on the Line: Improvisation in Practice

A book project about improvisation, by Petter Frost Fadnes (Routledge, 2020)

Perceived emotional support from the teacher is associated with higher achievement in reading

A recent Norwegian study shows strong associations between first grade students feeling liked and respected by their tea...

Four signs that your toddler is (about to become) a reader*

Do you read for your toddler? Have you noticed that toddlers that are used to being read to, already have learned a lot ...