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Latest news from UiS

Sick on examination day?

UIS complies with national and regional corona rules and recommendations concerning exam execution. It shall be consider...

Opening hours at the library this Christmas

All of the libraries opening hours for Christmas 2021.

Door 1: Make a Pringles rocket

Did you know that you can turn a regular Pringles box into a rocket? In the first door of this year's Christmas calendar...

Students got to try themselves as consultants

In the course "Economics of Motivation" the students get to try themselves as consultants in working life to test theori...

The library is closing due to planned power outage

Due to a planned power outage in Kjølv Egelands house the library will close at 7.30 pm on Friday November 26.

Magne Mogstad taught econometrics to PhD students

Doctoral research fellows from all over Scandinavia were gathered in Stavanger when Magne Mogstad taught econometrics at...

The IOR Centre from an industry perspective

A total of 12 companies are on the list of the industry partners of The National IOR Centre of Norway. Chair of Board Th...

Hey! Remember to stay home if you are sick

If you get symptoms of covid-19, you must be tested even if you have been vaccinated, and stay at home.

Drop-in-vaccination on campus Ullandhaug

Not yet vaccinated against corona? Tuesday November 2 you can get the jab on campus.

Fatih Birol honorary doctor of the University of Stavanger

Dr. Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), will be appointed honorary doctor of the U...

Annual celebration with appointment of a new honorary doctor at UiS

At last we can once again come together in Tjodhallen to celebrate the events of the past year. For the first time in se...

The library is finally open 24/7 again!

When we open our doors on Monday October 18, they are staying open.

Don't miss Open Access Week 2021

As a part of this year's Open Access Week, the University Library, in collaboration with several other Norwegian researc...

Positive feedback after digital workshop

The first digital workshop in the NORHED II project was successful, and developing simulation-based training is on sched...

Students “hacked” eight solutions for a sustainable future

Eight creative student teams spent a whole weekend developing sustainable solutions during the Future Energy and Autonom...

Green Day Campus

On Tuesday 5 October, UiS wants to create awareness and commitment to green campus development and the work to reduce it...

Norway reopens

From 1600 on Saturday 25 September, Norway will reopen after the pandemic and most restrictions will be lifted.

Extended opening hours at the library

From Monday September 20th the Ullandhaug library is open from 8 am to 10 pm Monday to Friday.

100 million for a more climate-friendly aquaculture industry

A UiS-led investment in sustainable aquaculture receives almost NOK 100 million from the government's Green Platform Ini...

Remember to get your vaccine!

Everyone who studies in Stavanger can get a covid-19 vaccine in the Stavanger municipality. It is very important that yo...

PhD course in Econometrics with Professor of Economics Magne Mogstad, University of Chicago

The University of Stavanger Business School is pleased to offer the course Econometrics PHD401 to PhD students in the so...

Looking towards 8 years of subsurface research

University of Stavanger, NORCE, IFE and University of Bergen are partners in an application for a new petrosenter, focus...

World-renowned researcher joins the UiS Business School and the Smart City Research Network

Professor Jennifer Clark of the Knowlton School of Architecture at Ohio State University is appointed adjunct professor ...

KATS will continue to work for tunnel safety improvements

In December 2020 the Research Council of Norway announced that KATS will receive funding for phase 2, and the project wi...

Getting to the vaccination centres

Do you want to take the covid-19 vaccine, but wonder how to get to the vaccination centres in Stavanger and Sandnes by b...

Jonathan Muringani receives Paul Benneworth PhD Student Award 2021

Former PhD Student at UiS Business School Jonathan Muringani has won this year's Paul Benneworth PhD Student Award from ...

UiS among the 401-500 best universities in the world

University of Stavanger (UiS) makes a strong debut in the prestigious Times Higher Education ranking.

Public transport

If you have to use public transport, please note that as of September 1 it is compulsory to wear a face mask.

Students still to go into quarantine

Unvaccinated students must go into quarantine if defined as a close contact. Unlike primary and higher secondary school ...

International EADP Conference on bullying starts Friday 17th

Norwegian Centre for Learning Environment and Behavioural Research in Education and University of Stavanger host the dig...

Dreams of becoming a business developer

Richard Reistad from Bergen has recently graduated with an MSc in Business Administration from the University of Stavang...

Alina helps businesses attract and motivate employees

Alina Isaevskaya holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Stavanger Business School. As...

The combination of management, strategy and technology gives me an advantage in the job market

Adnana Osmanbasic is studying to become an economist and has chosen to specialise in "Leadership in a Digital Economy". ...

– Business Administration is so much more than just numbers and systems. It's just as much about finding solutions to new and existing problems

Silje Sletten recently completed her Master's degree in Business Administration, specialising in innovation. A consultan...

– Innovation expertise is important in the business sector and can make a big difference at the start of your career

Katrine Wangen from Bærum chose to specialise in innovation for her Master's degree in Business Administration. – After ...

Anja got a consultancy job at PwC before completing her studies

Anja Fintland (26) has just completed her Master's degree in Business Administration at the University of Stavanger Busi...

Rune Todnem By appointed Professor of Leadership at the Norwegian School of Hotel Management

After 15 years at British universities followed by two years at the UiS Business School, Rune Todnem By joins the establ...

How to register seating in lecture rooms and book reading room seats

Students can register their seats in our lecture rooms and book places in our reading rooms. This way we can limit the n...

Welcome to the library!

We hope that you will use the library and the services that we offer.

What's the role of bacteria in the gut of patients?

Could the bacteria in our guts help us improve cancer treatment? This is one of the key questions in a new research coll...

Upcoming events

Workshop on Circular Economy

Wed. 08.12.2021


Elise Ottesen Jensens hus / Næringsforeningen

CANCELLED – Economics and Finance Seminars: Elisa Macchi, MIT

Wed. 08.12.2021


Department of Economics and Finance

Christmas lunch at Lyspæren Innovation house

Fri. 10.12.2021


Lyspæren Innovasjonshus

Economics and Finance Seminars: Anders Akermann, UiS Business School

Wed. 15.12.2021


Department of Economics and Finance

PhD disputation for Marianne Bore Haarr

Thu. 16.12.2021


Kjølv Egelands hus E-164 / digital in Zoom

The University's Christmas Concert

Fri. 17.12.2021


St. Petri kirke

Samfunnsøkonomenes Forskermøte 2022

Mon. 03.01 09:00

tue. 04.01 15:00

Universitetet i Stavanger, Arne Rettedals hus

Workshop in NVivo

Thu. 20.01.2022


The Data Lab, the library
KE A-259

Webinar: Introduction to Zotero

Wed. 26.01.2022


Language: English

Open data hackathon - sign up today!

Fri. 28.01 15:00

sun. 30.01 18:30

Nordic Edge Innoasis, Løkkeveien 111

Introduction to Zotero

Mon. 07.02.2022


The Ullandhaug Library
KE A-253

Learning Environment Committee meeting 16.02.2022

Wed. 16.02.2022


Hybrid: Online
KA A-146, Kjell Arholms hus

Workshop in NVivo

Tue. 22.02.2022


The Data Lab, the library
KE A-259

Introduction to Zotero

Wed. 09.03.2022


The Ullandhaug Library
KE A-253

Learning Environment Committee meeting 25.05.2022

Wed. 25.05.2022


Hybridmøte (styrerom og nettmøte)
AR T-401 (Styrerom)

Learning Environment Committee meeting 14.09.2022

Wed. 14.09.2022


Hybridmøte (styrerom og nettmøte)
AR T-401 (Styrerom)

Learning Environment Committee meeting 16.11.2022

Wed. 16.11.2022


Hybridmøte (styrerom og nettmøte)
AR T-401 (Styrerom)

Latest research news

Integrated solar panels in walls and roofs can be efficient power sources

“Norway’s cold climate is very suitable for building-integrated photovoltaics,” says researcher Hassan Gholami. He compl...

Don't miss Open Access Week 2021

As a part of this year's Open Access Week, the University Library, in collaboration with several other Norwegian researc...

The «Forskningsdagene» Research Festival

The research festival Forskningsdagene is a national, annual ten-day festival under the auspices of the Research Council...

Impact case: Breast Cancer School

UiS researchers at the Faculty of Health has identified the urgent need to develop an educational program for Breast Can...

Nominate for the University Fund’s Presentation and Community Involvement Award

The objective of the prize is to promote outstanding presentation and community involvement at the University of Stavang...

Burden of treatment in patients with chronic heart failure

In this new paper, researcher at the University of Stavanger explore the associations between burden of treatment, psych...

Easier to say recovery than to do recovery

Health and social services in Norway have adapted recovery as base for the mental health and substance use services. Res...

Back to Blood: Pursuing a future from the Norse Past

Why are Vikings and the Norse past increasingly popular?

Bettina Smith: The Artist's Secret

We congratulate Professor Bettina Smith on her new release. Together with pianist Jan Willem Nelleke, Smith has released...

Occupational health services should have an active role in alcohol prevention

Research shows that occupational health services may be an abeyant asset for alcohol prevention, but need competence, ti...

14 recommendations for a successful disputation

A disputation, the public defence of a PhD candidate’s thesis, is a serious matter. How can you prepare as best as possi...

Universities must take a leading role in regional development

Not all regions are like Silicon Valley, and not all universities can or should be like Stanford. Universities play vari...

The importance of religion in encounters with death at work

How do migrant nursing home staff relate to religion in their work with patients who are approaching death?

Who has the most and the least stressful jobs?

A study showed that 15 % of the employees had high-strain jobs. Being female, having low education level, doing shift wo...

Extended individual placement and support (IPS) contributed to participation in job and education

With an expanded model for IPS, 63% of people with severe mental illness who were unemployed found a job or started educ...

Employees with high alcohol consumption may experience impaired work performance

A review of research conducted on more than 92 000 employees in 15 countries suggests that employees characterized by hi...

Midway assessment

All PhD candidates enrolled in the PhD-program in the Social Sciences must go through a midway assessment.

Impact case: The Agder Project

UiS researchers have developed and tested a structured play-based curriculum for children at their last year of preschoo...

Regulations and forms related to PhD education

Overview of regulations, guidelines, forms and templates for use in the PhD education at the University of Stavanger.

Became editor of the highest impact factor journal in Civil Engineering

Professor Dimitrios Pavlou at Department of Mechanical and Structural Engineering and Materials Science recently became ...

Children need self-regulation to learn

According to a new study, there is a strong link between self-regulation and mathematical skills in Norwegian children. ...

Co- creating choreographic-pedagogic entanglements through a dance project in primary school

The entanglement of choreographic and pedagogic practices is the theme of the PhD project of Mari Flønes at The Faculty ...

Jazz on the Line: Improvisation in Practice

A book project about improvisation, by Petter Frost Fadnes (Routledge, 2020)

Perceived emotional support from the teacher is associated with higher achievement in reading

A recent Norwegian study shows strong associations between first grade students feeling liked and respected by their tea...

Four signs that your toddler is (about to become) a reader*

Do you read for your toddler? Have you noticed that toddlers that are used to being read to, already have learned a lot ...

Recent PhD thesis: Great potential in letting pupils read demanding literature

When secondary school pupils read demanding fiction, they become engaged by the difficult nature of the texts, and appro...

Caring Futures: Developing Care Ethics for Technology-Mediated Care Practices

The research project Caring Futures: Developing Care Ethics for Technology-Mediated Care Practices (QUALITECH) will furt...

Internal series from UiS

UiS publishes two internal series: Reports from the University of Stavanger and Notes from the University of Stavanger.

Developing simulation training using 360 ° video

360ViSi is an international collaborative project with the aim of developing innovative learning methodologies in health...

The use of personal life stories in care work

The project "Life Sheet" maps the use of patients’ personal life stories as part of care work practices in nursing homes...

Can remote ultrasound training be as effective as standard classroom training?

How can we organize ultrasound training in a pandemic situation and across national borders? Researchers at the Universi...

Norway Pumps and Pipes at Forsker Stand-up

What can medical research learn from research within the oil and gas industry, and vice versa? Thor Ole Gulsrud, Project...