UiS Business School and the CIIP go forwards in the competition to become a centre for excellence in research (SFF)

The CIIP – Centre for Innovation, Institutions and Policy – will investigate to see how technological changes and innovation will change businesses and what the consequences of such will be. This time the UiS has submitted a total of six applications.

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Elise Ottesen Jensens hus, campus Ullandhaug.

The CIIP is run by Professor Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Associate Professor Marte C.W. Solheim.

The Centre for Excellence in Research (SFF) scheme aims to promote long-term research which has considerable potential for producing groundbreaking results and is the Research Council' of Norway’s most prestigious advertised scheme.

UiS Pro-Rector for Research Merete Vadla Madland has congratulated the CIIP research group for moving on to the next stage.

– Fierce competition

"There is fierce competition for these SFF awards. It is therefore very gratifying that the UiS and CIIP have progressed to the next stage of the competition," says the Pro-Rector.

Marte C.W. Solheim is also very pleased:

"This is brilliant news! A huge team effort has gone into this - and we're motivated to roll up our sleeves and embark on the next phase!” she says assuredly.


The CIIP will take a closer look at how technological changes and innovation change the activities, production and organisation of businesses and how this presents individuals, businesses and regions in Europe and the US with economic, social and political challenges.

The aim is to identify the drivers of these types of changes and how they contribute towards the provision of political guidelines and measures that affect individual groups and societies and create inequality between social classes. They also have an impact on institutions' chances of keeping abreast of developments and the opportunities that such provide. Other consequences include dissatisfaction and distrust of the political system. This, in turn, contributes towards increased popularity for anti-democratic parties.

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The CIIP is a collaborative venture between researchers at the University of Stavanger Business School, the London School of Economics, Utrecht University and the University of Exeter.

View the others who have gone through to the next stage.

Fifth time

This is the fifth time the Research Council of Norway has selected such centres of excellence, and the third time that UiS researchers have participated with applications. The UiS once went through to the penultimate round of this competition, with the research centre SHARE – Centre for Resilience in Healthcare.

The other five applications from the UiS  were the Greenhouse Centre for More-than-Human Studies, the Centre for Studies in Adaptive Capacity in Healthcare – ADAPT which is affiliated with SHARE, ENACT – the Centre for Experimental Field Research on Leadership Enactment, the Computational Quark-Matter Laboratory and the Centre for  Risk-Informed Policy – CRISP.