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How is thinking related to behavior?

The Cognitive Lab provides the natural sciences with a meeting place for the health sciences, psychology and various disciplines that study social conditions, human behaviour and learning. The lab is an inter-faculty initiative and an arena for interdisciplinary collaboration.

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Cognitive lab: Cognitive and behavioral neuroscience lab

PhD candidates


The initiative will make it possible to realize research ideas that previously wasn't feasible at the university.

Professor Kolbjørn Kallesten Brønnick , professional leader of Cognitive lab.

About Cognitive lab

Ståle Gundersen peker på en modell av en hjerne mens Kolbjørn Brønnick ser på.
Ståle Gundersen and Kolbjørn Brønnick both have an interest in cell activity in the brain and our experiences.

Cognitive and behavioural neuroscience lab is under establishment. The lab provides new opportunities in research and for student projects. The activity on the lab is focused on cognition, particularly neuroscience, and, in the extension of this, behavioural research. The research that is associated with Cognitive lab is characterized by the use of various equipment for measurements during on-site or field experiments, followed by signal and image processing and analysis.


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