Institutional agreements for semester exchange

UiS has several agreements outside the EU, at the institutional level. These agreements are open to everyone at UiS and could therefore be suitable for students from different study programs.

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Strand på Gold Coast, Australia

You can usually apply for exchange to one of these institutions if you are able to find courses that are relevant and that can be pre-approved.

The agreements are available to students at all study programs unless it is explicitly stated that this is not the case. Some of these agreements have restrictions like being limited to a certain faculty, field of study or study program level. Therefore it is important to read the institutional descriptions carefully.

If an institution captures your interest, you have to research its website to find out if they offer relevant courses that can be pre-approved. You should clarify with the International Office and your study advisor if you are interested in applying to one of these institutions.

Tuition fees

All students going on exchange must pay the semester fee at UiS and may be asked to pay an administration fee at the host institution.

Students going on exchange through Erasmus+ do not pay tuition fees to the host institution. Please note that institutions outside Europe usually require tuition fees, especially in USA and Australia. If you are eligible for financial support from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen), you may apply for additional support for tuition fees.

International students paying tuition fees at UiS must still pay this fee during the exchange period and are not exempt from any tuition fees at the host institution.

Open agreements

Agreements with limitations